Saturday, 20 October 2012

Byron to sin city...thats Sydney to you baby

Can i get an encore, do you want more....?

Well do you? The first line is lifted from Jay Z, who better, maybe that's just the hustler in me, it's been a few weeks since i wrote anything, i've been busy, but not too busy, but not too busy, i can see from the stats that lots of people check out the blog, so this is for you, you know who you are, let me explain reader.

Since i last posted, i began writing a novel, then the time came around, October time and it was time to go south, go south and dance with the devil.

And now i'm in Sydney, staying in the same area that was home 12 long years ago, but a much different person, everything changes and nothing changed, i've changed and that has made all the difference, it's made all the difference to me.

There is no way i could come back here as Kieran Version 1.5, now i think I'm up to about Version 12.6 and it gets better, I'm getting better, especially at saying 'No'

Newtown, one of my homes, homie

'No', i could never say no, last night i could hear all the people on the street, i even went o buy beer for a guy, being out with all the people i used to mingle with holds no appeal, if anything i can see what the lifestyle of drinking has done to some familiar faces and my only concern?

My only concern was to get up early and go swimming, and buy a bike.

A happy day, i can live a balanced life, in the old hood, a Melbourne back streets going from A to B, no one suspects the guy on the back streets, dum de dum, la la la, here i come baby, going to get yea!

Too true, while getting the bike, i found a community centre in Marrickville, just down the road, i never spent much time there, it's not near any beach, the old Kieran was only interested in waves, now I'm making waves in a different way, maybe a few splashes, maybe I'll splash a bit of aftershave?

Hell i didn't even bother exploring it much, how could you walking or in a car, it's not the same

Marrickville, but it's only full of hard working migrants, nothing you'll see in any fashion mag and there is a big festival on tomorrow, hardworking, honest, steal off of them and your in trouble my friend, big trouble!

Now i'm back, bringing you the words, but will the words turn into $$, i think there is a good chance, one of the major rules of blogging, your part of that too my friend, after all your the target customer, you and me, me any you, is 'Dont take too long break from blogging', the break is over.

That's Jay Z would say, 'What mo can i say?'

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