Friday, 26 October 2012

Living it large in Sydney and $$$ are not needed

Hi Sydney.

I'm back, remember me? I lived here about 12 years ago, it was fun but I've changed a lot over the years, and now I'm health concise, my passions are swimming, running and cycling.
It surprises me in some ways, things change and nothing changed, i’ve changed and now I'm back, better than ever and fit too

I no longer drive a car, you might be glad to know, one less car on the road holding you up in the morning as you getting where ever you need to go and I'm going places too, i go the back streets, on my bike.
Some of the reasons i could point as to why i do this might include, i get where i want to go fast, i don't have to wait for buses or trains, i get to explore back lanes, streets, cafes, back streets, new areas

Every day can be treated as a little mystery, i discover new parks, interesting lanes, i get to see your cat sitting up on the back fence, i say hello sometimes if I'm lucky i get a nod of approval.

You can see all kinds of things, if you look

See, even your cat agrees, this is real living, away for the hustle and bustle, noise, expense of getting to where i have to be, I'm free to be me, and i get to smell the roses, tulips too, i know a street that has some, it's not near any main road, it's a magical experience that can expand your perception of where you live

When i first got here cycling was only for people that were unemployed and hippies, people would point at you if you cycled and feel sorry for you, a lot has changed there over the years, for one thing, i got one here last week and i am beginning to see a new Sydney in a new way and all i had to do was be different and now hey presto, i am and it's great!

I can get to all the swimming pools, then maybe go along the river into the city along the river and see a side to life i never experienced before in a car or on foot

Swam here last week, maybe tomorrow too?
I used to tell myself that, 'Cycling is too dangerous here', and that's true if your on the main road, but the back streets have little or no traffic, full of interesting things to see and I'll get there quicker and feel better about eating that pizza last night

Cant afford a bike? There are groups around the city that will help you build one, fix one, service it, yes people, it's all happening here

It’s good to be back Sydney!!

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