Monday, 31 December 2012

A world with out (a Mayan) end, i'm still alive, amen to that!

Hanging out at the cafe, by the farm

Well, it's been quite a year, i thought I'd pen a few words and let you know how things are going.

But first, how are you going? Is it going? It's certainly is going for me, you see i got a job, i started just before the Mayan end of the world prediction, the world didn't end, i had to go back to work, i think its a good thing!

So, to recap the year that was, i was in Melbourne, this time last year, things started to get a little cold towards May, this is called Autumn, one of my most favourite seasons, but do remember to wrap up, frolicking about the place in your board shorts could get a tad bit uncomfortable, just a tad.

I spent a weekend or 2 at my soon to be friend Marty and Yntie's place along the Burke and Wills track, one of the things that stuck in my mind while discussing my prospects for the future was a comment by Yntie, she said
Kieran, if i was you I'd go WWOOFING on an organic farm up north
Now, I'm a guy like me, so the idea was sewed in my mind and it wasn't long before i was starting to entertain new ideas a cultural shift, i voted with my feet, boxes were packed and it wasn't long before i was on the Gold Coast, courtesy of a $50 Tiger Airways flight, who loves you Tiger Airways? Actually, I'm probably the only person, but i digress...

Cycling over the Harbour bridge with the Critical mass crew

So, who do i meet at Australia's largest garage sale, but Marty, the whole community had a garage sale, he tells me to jump in the van and before long he tells me about pizza night at Jasper hall, and this is the place i eventually end up, for 5 months.

Weekdays, organic stuff, weekend stuff beer, burgers and party in Byron @Main beach backpackers, hitch hiking there and back, quite awesome times indeed, and mostly well behaved too!

Then things started to heat up all over the place, down south too and before long, better north than south, became a seasonal idea that had expired for the time being and off i went.

First stop, Sydney, i was going back to Melbourne again, i had a new energy, but then a funny thing happened, i got into a few groups here in Sydney, and started learning so much, and I'm kinda still here, i was here 12 years ago and I'm here again, whats changed?

A pig walks into a cafe in Redfern and heres the photo to prove it!

Well, I've changed, now i cycle everywhere, and that makes life so much more manageable, livable and i quite like it, i have been switched on to lots of interesting things, like technology groups, strategeies for getting a job, i now write a serious 'other' site

I have social media working for me, and i'm doing that, i bought a laptop for Automation testing and all up, i'm back in gear

And i got a contract with Xerox, i work with nice people, we figured out how to do the scope of the work, without losing all of my hair, and it looks like everything will be great.

Phil, Frank and myself, Upper Coopers creek

There could be an opportunity coming up in Hobart, i will be getting a strong recommendation, i have paid a deposit for an acting course with the ACA in the Surrey hills, 20 weeks, every Saturday, so if i stay or go, it will be great. 

 And i have just been introduced to something yesterday and i'm hooked, it's called 'Ocean Swimming', a group i joined swam from Manly beach to Shelly beach yesterday, about 1.5km, what a day for it, Ocean swimming is awesome, its free and i'm on it!

Boom, 2012 was a learning curve and 2013 will be even better!!!

I love this video, a highlight of the year!

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