Thursday, 21 March 2013

Carving memories into stories

Paddys day nails and every other day too!!!

I'm lying on the grass overlooking an oval the other day, sipping a beer in the sun, people young and old are playing on the oval, two girls are walking around and round the oval and i'm thinking they put on exercise outfits to walk?

The grass is just perfect and very green, my nails were pretty green too, maybe the beer is kicking in? In fact i'm sure it was

So far the day has gone without a hitch, this included
Running 7 kms
Going to Yoga
Free lunch in the Bower
Going on a huge bike ride up the Cooks river and then back
Getting a call to inform me that i won a $50 door prize
Meeting Jay Katz and being informed of his movie night, boom!!!!
Basically, i felt like i won a million $$$!!

I got great memories with Sheryl Crow's 'Tuesday night music music club'

So i'm on the grass, gravity assisted, just killing time before going for a $5 steak (add that to the list too bitches!) on Parramatta road and then on to an awesome underground (up the back stairs of King furniture king) called Mu-meson, hosted by Jay-Kats and miss Death.

On Jay's bio it says
To Katz, this music has no worth unless it is given back to the people with the same energy with which it was recorded in its day
Sounds interesting?
 I start listening to one of my many pod casts, one of them was an interview with Neuroscientist Daniela Schiller's, she says
Speaking your stories aloud, she believes, protects the memory by making it public. "If you want to keep a memory as is," she explains, "you carve it into a story."

Interesting, maybe that's the reason the bible was such a hit?

I got memories associated with PJ Harvey

I'm thinking of the Gettysburg address, by Abraham Lincon, why? Probably because it was before the time of amplification devices, the speech works better when if you read it out loud and now i'm thinking about Trainspotting, that book works better when you read it out loud too.

Maybe the words become effective when you activate another sense, your ears?
She goes on to talk about how the memory works and how we can change the associations

"A memory is only as good as your last retrieval of it,"

Maybe if you think something is traumatic and you have to talk about it, maybe a Pina Colada might ease the burden?

In fact, i think that is called 'Happy hour' all over the world?
A special hour to recant and catch up on stories? 

Then i get some flashbacks of why i started off blogging in the first place, i started it to preserve my memories, it's suprising how much you can do and later on down the road not think you've done much?

Creating content, gives you a sense of achievement, ask any farmer dammit!!

On my previous site, i have too many memories captured like a fly in a venus fly trap and tere they will stay, take a look for yourself.

I will take a peek myself when i'm finished tapping this out like a mad monkey in searching for the perfect Shakespeare sonnet and i've been learning a little bit about Shakespeare too, but that another story, it will not the kind of story you will read anywhere else.

Anyways, take a look at Daniela, you can even tell me what you think, if yea like

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