Friday, 5 April 2013

Nunsploitation a beginners guide, maybe everything you wanted to know and was afraid to ask google?

Flash back to my youth....

I remember being in Russell's music shop in Cork when i was 16.

A guy that worked there at the time was telling someone about how the owner was an extra in some movies, big deal you might be prone to say, but no dear reader, it was a big deal, i was all ears!!

An artists impression of my ears

You see the shop owner was once an extra in a movie where nun's were whipping themselves and described a kind of plot an Irish 16 year old could hardly imagine, now I'm 36 years young things have certainly changed, i don't need to try, I've seen it, i believe!!

You might say I've changed too, now that i am a little bit older and sometimes wiser, maybe still loyal to the game?

 Last week on good Friday (or was it great Friday?) a Friday that started off with a meat pie and later  a movie in Sydney's finest movie theatre Mumeson archive.
I was introduced to a cultural term that puts this story a little bit of credibility, that term is Nunsploitation.

Guess what the Arochist in me reached for on Good Friday?

Now what's the basis of all this you say, well Aldous Huxley wrote  a book called 'The Devils', the movie was directed by Ken Russell based on historical fact (but really reader, the cats out of the bag now and there is no was that cat is going back in any bag)

It would appear these kind of movies were made in Mexico, Poland, Italy and lost in translation Japan

The Thirsting 2006

There was a clip from an Italian nunsploitation movie i can hardly believe i laughed at (forgive me god, it was funny), and your in luck, youtube has a whole section devoted to the nunsploitation genre

What was really funny was the Japanese nunsploitation movie, you see they arent so much into the religion, but the sex scenes? Definately!

One scene, let me describe it to you, two nuns are going for it, a priest is watching them he's sweating profusely and it's not an angry sweating either, he comes in and starts whipping them, the dialogue goes
Nun 1: I sinned first, whip me
Nun 2: No, i sinned first whip me
Nun 1: Whip me harder
Nun 2: No, whip me harder
I was stunned, I am also a pacifist, but i would have whipped harder and harder!!!

Later on, i was thinking if people were raised with a proper religion like Buddhism, this might sound pathetic and stupid, so anyway the appeal of this sort of stuff i just not my fault, blame a childhood of having to go to mass

Do you know Nunsploitation inspired BDSM take a look at some BDSM photos

Oh lord, even bears are getting in on the fun!!

Now, when i was in Arequipa, i went on a tour of the Monasterio Santa Catalina (blue) monastery

Blue Monastery

Excerpt from the
The Monasterio Santa Catalina was founded in 1580.
It's a treasure-trove of winding passages lined with pastel-painted doorways.
Even today, there's a community of about 20 cloistered nuns who live an austere existence in one corner of the compound.
But it wasn't always this way.
The rich widow who founded the convent was very selective about taking only the daughters of the wealthiest families.

They paid a substantial dowry to the church and lived the rest of their lives in hedonistic luxury.
Each nun had several servants, often treated no better than slaves, and the convent became known for its lavish parties, replete with Peru's best musicians.
Sounds like my kind of convent.
Of course, the good times didn't last. Eventually Rome got wind of the shenanigans and, in 1871, sent a Dominican sister to sort the whole thing out. Most of the wealth ended up back in Rome but at least the slaves were freed.
What ever your tastes in movies are, how can you not appreciate a movie called 'Nude nuns with guns', after all the title conveys two important messages
  1. Religion
  2. Guns
Freaks only
One for the road....

Deadly Sins (1995)

What more can i say?

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