Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Guss who did the Sydney half marathon....?

I have wanted to run a half marathon for quite some years, but how? (....think brain, think!)

I was sitting in 'The pit stop cafe' in Darlington over 6 weeks ago, browsing the newspapers, i saw an advert for the Sydney half marathon, it was coming up, so i grabbed an iPad, signed up and then it was all up to me.

As Hunter S Thompson once said...
If you buy the ticket, you take the ride

Shane or Anonymous, in Sydney....

I was in, coming up to the race, i had a flash back of Shane Crawford coming up to Sydney to do training, he liked the fact that no one knew him in Sydney, so i went to Melbourne.

And there i did some training of my own, swimming and running. I ran about 20kms in 1 hour 35, from Brighton beach to Port Melbourne, to the MCG and up to Fitzroy and felt good, everything felt good, i caught up with my mate Vince, i saw Cassie and her kid and lots of grown up stuff with grown ups too!

You see, Run Melbourne was coming up and a supplement from The Age newspaper had training schedules, i was doing everything correctly, except the long runs, so it was a matter of urgency to get one in and i was in like Flynn!

My time

The first time i did a long run was the bridge to Brisbane, about 2 years ago, then i did 14kms in the Melbourne city to surf and now this, a half marathon, 21kms, a guy at the start line told me it's actually about 23kms with all the twists and turns in the city, lots of people.

As you can see, it's kinda contagious, i like it immensely, running fits in with my budget and if truth be told, my cross training of swimming and Shawn T's 'Insanity work outs' were a big help, you can find some of them on youtube.com

The photos and videos are online too

Interestingly, about 40,000 people paid to run, 18,000 decided to stay in bed.

My advice, a half marathon is a totally excellent way to start a Sunday morning!!!

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