Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sydney fine weather is turning me into a damn word zombie!

How my day looks every day

Hello there,

Remember me? Coz i remember you, i haven't forgotten about you, you see i have been waiting for the bad weather to kick in, and it hasn't much.

 I have been just doing 'other things', taking advantage of the fine weather, making the most of it, of life and not being stuck inside, looking out at people having fun. Sounds good so far, eh?

Well, i thought this was a good strategy, until i start blogging for my IT work related blog and it seems like i haven't much to say, as some pop singer might say
'Words don't come easy, to me'

Strange, it's a bit like getting out of bed and finding out you don't have any legs, strange, they seemed there yesterday, the legs, there was 2 of them.

Brain says:
Help!!! Someone call an ambulance, the police anything!!

So what have i been doing?

I have been going to lots of events, book launches, Sydney ideas lectures, learning as much about stuff n' stuff, totally irrelevant to software testing and that's the point.

Also check Swimming, running, bike rides, reading
Searching for ideas, let me explain...

When you meet people outside your industry, you get ideas, hopefully ideas that no one else gets, you connect the dots in your head, the jigsaw puzzle starts to fit together, you might do something that might make a difference and who knows? Maybe your neighbour re-things his opinion of you and maybe after doing some long sums in his head you might not be such a bad fellow after all, even though his cat somehow digs up the fish heads you bury at the end of the garden.

Intellectual fish head

So, my promise to you (grave digger for fish heads), dear reader is i will be making a more consistent effort to write more, only to avoid the word zombie that has somehow sucked all the useful words out of my head. 

Sounds like a plan? 

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