Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Woody Allen, why he's the the Warren Buffett of the movie industry

It's been a while since i penned (electronically) one of these posts, i have been waiting until the right conditions, namely, rain, and today raining it is.
It's only summer, and it was only 37 degrees two days ago, crazy weather, welcome to Hobart.

So, of the ideas i had a while ago, lights went of in my head as i watched a documentary about Woody Allen, and why?

Well, to get a part on a Woody Allen movie is a big deal, it would actors would do just about anything to get a role in one of his movies, and if you do, you think you've made the big time, and then he might go and recast it and make the movie all over again, with people that act, walk, talk, just like you, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Slim Shady?

So, what struck me as odd watching this documentary was how, Woody doesn't do much, per say, he will let you be the best judge of what your doing, he might seem very laid back, but everyone is bending over backwards to please him,  everyone is working hard on set, but when its quitting time or when the Nicks are playing, its tools down and the momentum for movie making will have to wait till tomorrow.

I got interested in Warren Buffet, quite some years ago, i read a few book, read about his ideas, he was part of the reason i plunged myself into the world of buying stocks, and if anything it has been a education in thinking different, basically to most people i know.

Warren sits back and watches it all unfold too, he talks about a concept he learned from Benjamin Graham about 'Mr Market', Mr Market tells him the price of something every day, he's not logical, he's not his friend (is it beginning to sound like a love affair?)

Now Warren, doesn't like dealing with lawyers, when you do a deal with him, you will shake hands, no contracts, no small print, they kill the profit line.

If your first offer is too steep, he will say 'No' and no means no, there is no second chance, since everyone knows this, no one will give him a steep price, because if Warren is in, everybody else will want in.

Since everybody wants to do business with Warren, he is able to operate like this and he is able to protect himself too, if you piss him off, people that follow him wont do business with you, this 

Without boring you to death, i met a guy from France about 15 years ago that was doing his PHD, on Woody Allen believe it or not, and since then he has released his most notable works, another lesson from Woody, don't wait for inspiration, get on with the show, and the show goes on.


Like Carl Cox said last year, Carl is 52 now, well he said, The Rolling stones aren't the best band in the world, but they have a following, I'm not the best DJ, but i have a following, Warren has a following and Woody has a following, you follow?

Do you follow, cue pied piper music... maybe?

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