Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A fear of missing out on someting is driving me to distraction

Do you remember when Iron Maiden sang about Fear Of the Dark? Yes, well your probably old, old as me and you too could have been an altar boy too, where would Heavy metal and head banging be without us Christians?

For those who missed out on those glory years, here it is....

Well that was ages ago, now fears have been updated, it happened one day when i away in the toilet i think? I missed it, dammit!!

You see, now there is a condition called 'FoMo'

You see, just when you thought life couldn't get any worse, and your fear of losing your:
  • Girlfriend, to your best friend 
  • Religion, to Slayer (god listens to Slayer, don't worry about it!)
  • Job, to some guy in a third world country
  • House to the bank, not the sperm bank in the shower now that she's gone for good!
  • Virginity, well that's no loss, is it?
  • Youth, to your no existent career
  • And generally, not having achieved anything worth losing
Well, it seems that people are afraid of missing out on something, so much so they appear to be skimming the surface when it comes to life experiences, so much so, they aren't experiencing much at all.

We are living in a world of comparisons, but only on a grand scale, a bit like how the whole world is getting laid except for you, and you know this to be true, because you stand outside your housemates door at night, thinking 'God, why me?' right? You are that guy, aren't you?

Party time

It's like people going to parties and being distracted on their smart phone, to tell someone on the other side of world how much fun they are having, and the person next to them doing the very same, and in the end the party was a bunch of people standing in some hippie's way as he was trying to come in the door with his guitar.

Have you tried reading a book recently, its damn near impossible!!
Two or 3 minutes, it's about all i can give then I'm off looking at cat videos, that's normal, isn't it?

When you find yourself checking Spacebook for the 20th time today, you've probably have 'FoMo', the most popular time to check social media is just before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.
And you should never check it at this time as it sets your brain to spend the next few restful hours thinking about what 'Miley Sirus' had for breakfast.

Self control?

Interesting stuff, self control, if you mean to get serious about it could in part be about distracting your self from being distracted, which reminds me in Spanish the devil is also known as 'El Controlador', he who controls....

This is why i have an old Nokia, i know what I'm like and i have to be in a Wi-Fi area to do any online stuff, if I'm on a bus, i have no other option but talk to some one or just stare out the window and hope to spot two dogs involved in a wild embrace....the old fashioned way.

The same too goes for being lost, i just have to ask directions, and that's fun to do, i can recommend asking someone directions around the corner doing it in your neighbourhood, after all, you never know who you could meet?

Except of course, if you really are lost and the smart phone from a stranger can direct you to your destination, because you know, they really are fantastic when used in the right way.

Folks, I'm sticking with the Nokia

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