Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I remember why i used to like blogging so much now...

Jesus help me...

I really can, really. And it wasn't just the writing, it's pretty much the same reason i like going to work, and the reason?

Techno  music, currently I'm listening to this DJ set, and how can you not like anything listening to this stuff?

Today i was listening to this set by Pole folder, i sent my mate this message
I  cant believe I'm not on drugs right now 
And what was i doing? I was regression testing, a task normally feared by people, but not me, i was having a great time, and i get paid pretty well too and the proof is in the pudding people, I'm getting too much done at work they have to extend me, and all the time I'm lovin' it.

Don't you too?

When i think back of all the blog posts i have done, i was always listening to great electronic music, it's pretty much how i work, the music i s on, i zone out and get things done.

Which is funny, sometimes i like the times when my mind goes totally blank, i have to concentrate really hard, taking the headphones off would help, but that dear friend would be the easy way out, and  i get through it and its good times again.

Oh lord, and why am i saying this?

Well, over Easter i was working, just like any day for me, I watched tons of Brazilian movies, i finished watching 'a series set in Rio called 'The city of men',  which was fantastic!!!

City of men, check it out!!

And about ten other Brazilian movies, i guess you could say i got a bit carried away.

I had to book tickets back to Europe and book them i did, i remembered the chartered flight i got back from Salvador to Europe, i remember i was on the same flight path that the Air France was on, it went down some where in the middle of the ocean.

I remember telling a beautiful Brazilian woman this story with a baby, she had four other kids in Germany, a Brazilian woman living in Germany. Talk about a different cultures?

Anyways, she didn't seem too upset when i tole her when we too off in the storm with the plane flapping around like a headless chicken, the woman in front was having a mild panic attack, i know this as she informed me...
Your a crazy guy!!!
So last night, i checked out some of the blog posts, this was the this one about Rio,
then there was some friends i met through Tiago in Vitoria and then put it all together, the first week in Rio

The thing i know now is its so easy to forget all these things, now that i know the secret in getting myself to do it is a little bit of music? Why didn't i remember that, i knew it before?

In short, you have to remember the good times, especially when you think your getting old and your losing your marbles, i had some good times and it will happen again.

And another thing, writing really helps me connect with myself, i have a lot of fun, the words start flowing, or maybe it just the music? After all, i did pioneer Meditation to Carl Cox up in Byron Bay, it worked for me, it could work for you too, try it!

Who can tell, either way, it has begun again!

Anyways, I'm one it now and i already know what the next post will be about, it will be about making beer with my scientist mate Chris.

 There you go people, I'm back, stay tuned!!

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