Monday, 12 May 2014

Fellow have to look at the big picture!!!

So this week i became an Australian, ta da!!

I got it!!

A moment i have been waiting for for a very long time, some of you saw the photos, when i saw the photos, i knew i had to make a joke about them, and fast, so i uploaded them and tagged them as 'Citizenship, worst photos ever!'

Bad photos, bad joke. And the joke didn't last too long for me, it began to wear me down, i felt like i was going to snap. So i threw a dinner party, took more photos, those photos in the end came out well. Thank god, Buddha, Jehovah or who ever he or she is!!

Over a game of ping pong, Nickolai was losing and losing badly said
'You have to look at the big picture'
Two day's later while contemplating the picture. I realised i did forget about the big picture and it was then i remembered the online course i did when i first arrived in Hobart called 'A beginners guide to irrational behaviour'

Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our own decisions?

Part of this course covered subconscious mistakes our minds make every day and then i remembered learning in the course how sometimes your mind can focus so much on what's visually wrong instead of the big picture. In my case i was getting all worked up about photos, when i actually got what i wanted, Citizenship, my friends were there and then i was able to let it go.

Getting Citizenship

A bit like how chicks get worked up about their wedding day, getting citizenship was a big deal for me, of course it was all mental. Another part of being a citizen of Australia, off the top of my head is...
Paying taxes
Obeying the law
Fighting for your country
Doesn't sound like fun, now does it? So why get all worked up about photos, eh brain?

As Dan Ariely said,
'As much as you can be aware of what you are physically capable of, when we are mentally aware we can make better decisions, design better health care systems, financial systems....ect'

Or as Detective Callaghan said...

There was a bit of Karaoke too

Advance Australia fair!

After all, it was a good day!

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