Monday, 2 June 2014

Some highlights from Hobart, one year in and it's nearly over

Sunrise from the house in Hobart

So, i've been in Hobart for nearly one year, i've made it. Nearly over the line, and the fact i've worked one continious year, that would also be the longest i've worked in years. You dont have to reach for a Guinness book of records to know that isn't a record, but it is for me.

And now that i'm leaving, it will be quite some time before i work again, my Australian passport in is the mail, i've pretty much achieved everything i wanted to achieve along the way, the only real problems were the ones i had to create for myself, we live and learn.

Most of the videos here were taken on the same day, one of my favourite days here in Australia, is Anzac day, it's legal to play Two up, gambling and drinking, excellent fun!!

First up, two up!!

After Two up, we went to a Brewery tour, more fun. I leart a few things too, although it was a good job i got a few facts on video

Two meter tall brewery tour

It's amazing, all the strange stories that are TRUE, when it comes to this place and heres another one.

Interlude, i thought i saw a rabbit

It wasn't all beer talk yea know

Nickolai and myself getting back to our roots, well something like that?

We had dinner to celebrate one more Australian in the mix, me!

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