Thursday, 19 February 2015

Know your enemy, it what the great librators know...

Belgrano and the flag he designed, recognise it?

Yesterday i went to Manuel Belgranos house here in Tucumán. Well a replica of his house, i took lots of pictures, just like any good tourist, so far so good.
Later i looked Belgrano up, to know a little bit more, suprise suprise, as it turns out, he studied overseas, where? Spain.

He didn't just study in Spain, a few interesting notes.
  1. He was there when the French Revolution was kicking off
  2. He was exposed to the age of enlightenment ideas
  3. He got special permission from the pope to read banned books
Obviously he must of been a good student, i remember times in school getting permission to go to the toilet, but to get the key to the forbidden books? People were getting burned for writing these books, sounds hard to believe?

It makes you think, what books are banned now. Should we be reading them, if we could concentrate long enough to do so?

Fr Ted prostating, or is he protesting?

In Ireland i heard about a book ´The Tailer nd Ansty´ that was banned as there was a story about a woman that didn't know the difference between a cow and a bull, it was too filthy or something?

Gods Representatives in Cork didn't just ban the book, the priests came around, they go his copy, burned it in front of him, scared off his neighbours so no one would call in anymore, and they didn't, oh the fear of god!!

The message is clear...

As you can see, going into (Charlotte) Church is important to the Irish...

San Martin, the liberator

Another hero of Argentina, San Martin was educated in Spain, back when the world was flat, he left when he was a kid, he came back and kicked the Spanish out of Lima, everyone without question in Argentina loves San Martin, every town has a big statue!

Gandi knew it

Gandi knew the english system, this is how he got rid of the english in India, and the funny thing is he saw himself as an English gent until they threw him out of his first class carriage, he realised some are more equal than others.

Parnell knew it

In Ireland, Charles Stewart Parnell knew the English system, they educated him. He was a hero, until he started living with a divorced woman, in come our christian values, we couldnt have anymore to do with that sort of thing! 

The Irish caped cruisader, Daniel O´Connell knew it

 Daniel O´ Connell, he was known as ´The Liberator´ was once quoted saying 
"Gentlemen, you may soon have the alternative to live as slaves or die as free men"  

When you know all the rules, you can brake them, John Coltrane broke all the Jazz rules and reinvented Jazz, people initially hated him for destroying Jazz, but what he did was reinvent it

Blue Train Full Album

Gulliver, not going anywhere fast...

I read ´Gullivers Travels´ recently, if you ha vent read it, the analysis to the Giant king about the English empire is classic!!

Gulliver often goes to see the king, who requests a detailed description of the government of England, which Gulliver relates. The king asks him many questions, challenging various aspects of the government and having particular difficulty with England's violent past. 
In the end the king concludes that the English are well below the Brobdingnagians, calling them "the most pernicious Race of Little odious Vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the Surface of the Earth."

Che Guevara knew it

Another Liberator, El Che Guevara, he was inspired by Michael Collins, the Guerrilla ideas Che learned, he learned from Michael Collins, another liberator from Ireland, Collins was working in England as a Clerk before the troubles started in Ireland, he told his colleagues in England he was going back to fight for justice, they thought he was on the side of the English and he ended up bringing them to their knees.

Michael Collins knew it

Collins methods were also studied by the CIA, he liked to cycle around on a bicycle and act stupid, the only thing was they were never looking for a guerrilla leader acting stupid on a bike. Sounds almost like Ninja tactics? But that's another story...

Its interesting the Revolution ideas, for South America came from Europe, for Ireland, they came from England, for the rebellion to be a success, they needed to know the enemy, when you know how they think, can use it to your advantage and they all did.

The message is clear, know your enemy

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