Saturday, 21 February 2015

Religion is excellent stuff...

I finished reading ´The motorcycle diarys´ a few days ago, what struck as interesting was how much Che learned in his travel through Chile about mining.

Che new all the details, how the process worked, he knew what was involved, he saw how much minerals was being transported by rail from one mine site (20 tonnes) and he could see what the poor people got for it, absolutely nothing, and if you complained, the military, security came down on you, discredited you, you could go missing indefinitely or branded you a communist and that was the end of you.

Whats changed in the world? Not much, big business is too powerful, too efficient, they have too many lobby groups and they pay very little tax, in Australia they has a mining tax reversed VIA a puppet prime minister

In all, absentee landlords in Chile were making a killing off the people, and the government helped them do it, sound familiar? Just history repeating really, nothing new really, its all happened before, in Ireland for example.

The term Boycott was a term first used in Ireland, it would appear if the workers do not cooperate with the oppressors, they will have no other option but stop and leave for good

 Its only fair

I watched a TED talk a few months ago, by a banker from Canada, in it, he said the unsay able, he blew it for capitalists all over the world by saying the thing we are not supposed to hear, he said:
  1. Companies do not create jobs, customers create jobs
  2. In the USA, if you lift minimum wage, you increase peoples spending capability, its a win win situation, people have more money to spend, you can sell them more stuff
What did he get for telling the truth, his video got deleted.

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs" 

Lets tale the first point, customer create jobs, i´ve been to Scandinavia a few times, from what i could see:
  • The people don't go into big department store, they don't like big stores, they would rather buy what ever they need from small stores
  • People look at the labels, they are informed consumers, they buy quality, not cheap stuff from China
  • There are no big supermarkets, i looked, i was told the markets they have have everything we need, they didn't have sunblock, but that was my problem
  • Everyone pays on credit card, not cash, money can be traced electronically
  • They have a transparent government, you can see what the prime minister is sending and receiving through their freedom of information
  • People love paying tax, they can see where it is going
  • No one would every steal something, a cop told me the only ones that steal as tourists
  • People are taught to be responsible so, like a gathering of a few thousand people drinking to watch the world cup soccer, you don't see a single security guy or cop
  • People are encouraged to study, its free and thy get money from the government
  • University students can do a semester overseas, the tax payer picks up the bill
Isn't it interesting Scandinavia, (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) they didn't join the Euro, and why would they, they seem to have gotten it right, why change a system that it working and the real wealth never leaves, it stays in the country as the people spend it locally and the tax they pay? They can see where it is going and its going back into the country, there are no secret deals, sounds perfect right?

Che Guevara would love Norway, the people own the natural resources, not the big companies. No one fired a shot, one one got killed either, strange huh?


Amazingly, the media will never tell you about Scandinavia, treat their citizens right and no one will tell you about Iceland putting the Bankers in jail, people liberated from debt slavery.

 The usual suspects?

Its estimated there are 27 million debt slaves in the world, back when slavery was legal, it was about 1.5 million in America and 5 million in Brazil
There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans rivals illegal drug trafficking in its global reach—and in the destruction of lives.

New jobs, new jobs!!!

It seems like when you spend your money locally, eveyones lives are improved.
Companies never create jobs, they outsource and cut costs where ever they can, and dodge labor laws
You call your bank in Australia, you get someone in Pakistan, its a service they can outsourced, you are charged dollars, they are paying rupees with no benefits to the customer or the country

The second point to lift minimum wage seems like a no brainer, but its amazing how many billionaires oppose this? People with everything money can buy, hard to believe.

I went to a presentation in Sydney two years ago, a speaker said that America was the new third world, and his company was able to source call centre staff cheaper than third world countries, in the US of A, desperate people desperate times?

The message from Scandinavia is buy local, spend your money in your own area

Whats it going to take...

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