Saturday, 7 February 2015

So much change going on, no coins, cant take a bus, get a taxi...

The wheels on the bus go...

So a few days ago i wanted to get a bus to the bus station in Rosario, sounds reasonable enough?
It does sound reasonable, except you need six pesos, in coins, you need coins and no one has them and if they do, they keep them!

Coins, worth their weight in...?

While i was looking for coins, i was getting flashbacks from my last time in Argentina, riding the bus home with an American dude from a Riverplate football game in Buenos Aires, they lost, that another story. Later going home, since we had no coins, the bus driver couldn't take notes, he let us ride for free, probably because we were tourists and he couldnt have been bothered telling us to get off.

At that time, bus drivers would sell coins, it was a good business, until someone made a law saying they couldn't sell coins and rip people off, only the banks are allowed to do that!
Bus drivers got regulated after seeing an economic oppurtiunity, hey, thats business!!

I remember coins being a topic that some politician was going to tackle if people votes for him, i guess they didn't vote for him and the problem still goes on.

What do we want?

Such was my desperation for change, i bought fruit, the guy selling fruit didn't have change, so he over charged me and then, i did what anybody would have done, faced with a forty minute walk in the sun, i took a taxi, hey i´m nearly 38 years old, you got to have a few comforts as you get older.

How people with no coins travel 

I remember people the last time i was here telling me to keep change, never give it away and not that i think of it, people did have stashes of coins, coins for a rainy day, since people don't trust each other, as far as money is concerned, this is how life Argentina.

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