Friday, 6 March 2015

A cool Bolivian tradition, that is pretty Irish too!!

You´ve been to NY, Paris Amsterdam?

I was having a read of my guide book the other day, i don't know, maybe i was bored, maybe it was the appeal of the color pictures when i happened of a chapter on a Bolivian custom called Tinku

Indonesian style

Ok, so the general idea of Tinku is every year some towns have this festival, it starts with people running around in a circle, a bit like a mosh pit, the blood starts to pump, except there is a guy with a whip and he will let you have it Indonesian style if he thinks you are not giving it 110%, are you willing to give it 110%?

A mosh pit

So the the idea is, you come to town, you get loaded on booze, the next think is you walk around, you see someone you don't like, maybe he´s said something about your three legged girlfriend that´s a goat, that's insulting!!!

Now´s your chance to settle the score or forever hold your tongue

They dont need much of a sign

Or course, its all how you see it, some people think it just blowing off a little steam, sometimes people throw stones, its not murder, they get offered as an offering to the Pacha Mama (or mother earth)

 blow off steam verb 
to do something to get rid of negative emotions.

Which sound a lot better than people going around assaulting each other, don't yea think?

What did you say about Garth Brooks? How the Americans do it

So anyways, i´m in the market yesterday and i see this excerpt from a Tinuk festival, lots of people watching it, other screens has WWF wrestling which is also real and i think, oh yeah, we have something like that in Ireland.

How the Bolivians do it

Bored with doing the housework, no worries!

How the Irish do it

Oh yeah, its not only this we do either, we love sports and the law, check out this popular pastime

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