Monday, 9 March 2015

Its my party and i´ll....ok, you have to shake your ass first

Last Monday (one week exactly) it was my birthday, just another day. or so it seemed. I was reading my book in the Casa Blanca hostel (White house hostel), when an Argentinian guy in my dorm said
Hey, it will be your birthday in a half an hour
I was so absorbed in reading, i forgot but he didn´t, my 1 month of no drinking was at an end, every year i stop for a month, its always the best thing, moderation i something i´m not very experienced with

Birthdays must be big deals in Argentenia as everybody was singing me happy birthday, quite flattering really, i felt like a ten year old, again...

The drummer came over to me before this video and said
´You have to shake you ass´

The next night my new friends from the Amigos de Bolivia trip to Marchamaca Rodney and Helen gave me a birthday dinner, we listened to lots of great music, Helen cooked a wonderful local dish that involved frying pasta, top effort!!

I introduced Rodney to a new DJ

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