Monday, 9 March 2015

My 25 hour bus journey to Santa Cruz...

I was in Cochabamba, i heard about the rain in La Paz, a quick look at the guide book told me it would be raining a lot in March, going to Santa Cruz seemed like the sensible thing to do, ok?

The last time i was in Bolivia, there was an outbreak of Dengue fever, first it was a few people, a few days later it was a hundred, then thousands, aid workers were flow in, they got it too, i decided to stay away, it proved a successful strategy, i´m still alive and kicking.

So, i knew the bus is normally 12 hours, when i bought the ticket i was told 17. The ticket was 130 Bolivianos, about 25 dollars Australian

On the way, i was told the bridge was down, we would be going the historical way, a dirt road over the Andes, not just a dirt road, a road with over sized trucks, really big artic trucks that should not have been there.

Somewhere, over the ...

I saw the the bus drivers, we had two, negotiate situations no one would believe, we would be stuck for hours, something would happen, we would be off again for 100 meters and stuck for another hour, a great bus ride if you like smoking breaks!

When we finally got out of the worst of it, i could see the traffic backed up across the valley, some truck drivers had enough and pulled over for a sleep, good, but blocked a whole line of traffic, it reminded me of Death road in La Paz, there just was no room to go, driving a truck here isn´t for faint hearted.

I think most people would have a nervous breakdown like in the movie ´Falling down´

Falling down

When we finally crossed the mountains, at one point the elevation was 3500 meters, we descended into what looked like Paradise, green fields, tons of crops, humidity and to a place that could have been ...Brazil?

Are we in Brazil? Lets get the party started!!!

 Yes, it could have been Brazil, Santa Cruz is only 600 kms from Brazil, i was told 30,000 Brazilians come here to study medicine, none of them learn Spanish

I did a 54 hour train journey once in India with one of my ex, i was supposed to buy the 36 hour ticket, i got confused and got the wrong one, i can clearly remember screaming and shouting and a room key being thrown at me in the staircase of the ticket office, oh the memories!!

It reminds me of a story i heard about the Trans Siberian train journey
Woman: I need to get off, i am going to have a baby
Conductor: Why did you get on if you are going to have a baby
Woman: When i got on i wasn´t pregnant

So i am in Santa Cruz to learn more about Che Guevara, there is a guide booklet, one of the pages has a picture of a chicken fight with guys sitting around drinking beer, cultural or what, where am I? What year is it?

Studies have shown, considerably less animals are harmed in Jelly wrestling, interesting, huh?

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