Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Takesi trek

After getting very wet on the first morning of the Takesi trek, i decided to be positive, write, you know your worst stories are the best ones, so i wrote this...

Day 2 of Takesi Trek

Yep, that's all i wrote, my feet at the bottom of the tent were wet. I was in no writing mood and i probably needed to take a number two, otherwise known as a Nixon and i did too, i remember the entire morning clearly!

Still alive

Day 2 went well, we got to a house still a days trek from the nearest village, we got a fire going and after a few hours, the guy that owned the place came along in the middle of the night with a donkey, as you do.

My guide

I heard the owner complain to my guide about the logs we (I) burned, he wanted them for work in a mine, the next day my guide Linber couldn't wait to get out of there
Fuckin shit
That was the first bit of English i heard my guide say, of course it made to speak English with miner that wanted us out of there, after being paid of course

The house I slept in day 2

In fairness my guide had a very laid back attitude in dealing with people and it showed, he is one of those people that can sleep anywhere, I'm freakin jealous, the conditions have to be just right for me to sleep

"Read more and sleep more", this is Mark Zuckerburgs philosophy, i totally agree.

Takesi village

Lamas going home

The last day, we ended up at a mine, actually there, they have housing for the workers, right there. security too, they came on the bus to check that no one took any zinc as a souvenir

Mine at the end of the Trek

Housing for the miners and their familys

Land slide coming back to La Paz

Coming down the mountain...

Amazing views

More views

The next day we walked by the hydro electrical power plant in the video

It seemed like every village had a earth mover, when it rains in Bolivia, the mountains tend to give way to gravity, this road seemed pretty bad, they were building up the road, before it all gave way to gravity, no problem, no problem, not in Bolivia.

Rocks were falling, there was a guy telling drivers to go quickly, before any fell, the views were amazing too, waterfalls in the clouds, i was telling people the scenery...

It was like that movie that's a cross between Little Big Man/Soldier Blue and the Smurfs?

Of course i meant Avatar

How to get a fire going


A bit foggy?

Additional videos:

and here

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