Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Che video diarys

I took a few videos along the Che route, here they are, i was going to get George Clooney to do the voice overs, but i think he´s a bit busy now.

So this is it.

One of Ches victories in Bolivia

Half way to La hégira

After doing this next video, i saw some old women, they wanted to know where i was from, how did i get there, i walked 10km from the road where the bus dropped me off, they couldn't believe it, impossible!!

Walking into La hégira village

La hégira

Waiting at the gate to get into the Cemetary, on Che Guevara Avenue

Where Che was originally buried

At the hospital in Vallegrande

Hospital laundry

Where Che had his hands cut off

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