Monday, 30 March 2015

The power of the written word, it spooks some people 'round here

Coroico, Bolivia

I was in a cafe the other day in Corocio, the end of the death road, sitting in a local cafe, enjoying the view, sipping a coffee, reading and making some notes.

People started looking at me a bit strange, the guy that sat next to me told me to hurry up and get out, i was taking too long.

Of course they have a different culture, breakfast is not something you take your time at, and it reminded me of the Aran Islands in Ireland.

Basically its called an Island mentality:
The term "island mentality" is also used in some psychological research to describe individuals who dislike or have problems with relating to others, and then live as loners or "islands". This concept (in which people may feel inferior, afraid, or alone) has little to nothing to do with the above terminology

Terrace Coca leaf plantation

When i was last there i heard when people would go there and take notes about some notes, its a good habit to get into, capture your thoughts, unless your directly descended from a monkey, so each note will be about food and sex.

But i guess, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

In Ireland, the Island mentality didn't very much like people making notes, people would think yu were from the government, sent to spy on them and i guess this cafe i was in had the same idea, i was somehow going to make life difficult for them.

Nice views

In reality when you go places as a tourist, you see the place as a tourist, when you spend a bit of time there you get to see a different side, maybe i was seeing a bit of the other side, not that i cared, i just went around the corner, found another cafe with a smiling woman and kept reading and writing

The view up the hill from Coricio

My hotel in Corocio

A Bolivian Pied piper

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