Monday, 27 April 2015

Back to Pisac...

The famous Inca 12 corner stone in Cusco, ´You rock, rock!!!´

So after 6 months in South America, I make it back to where i want to be. I am in Pisac Peru, the whole trip was pretty much about coming back here, and here i am.

Basically, the best thing about Arequipa is Go-Karting, this was my karting crew

Karting after party

Today's the day, maybe too, for the Guinea Pigs i saw in the restaurant? The woman told me they were delicious, no carbs, no thanks! I told here they were a kids pet, you cant eat them.

Feeling hungry?

So, i got the bus here from Cusco, i don't know if its me, but everything was pissing me off, from blowing lots of $$ in the Wild Rover in Arequipa, not the experience i want, but of course you make your choices, i made mine.

Meet the Devil i met when i woke after a 14 hour sleep

Did i tell you  met Turongo? Yep, i met him after being back two minutes. I{m staying with him and we are doing a San Pedro ceremony tonight, with his Mystro. I heard him on the phone yesterday, he was saying ´Make it strong´

The Temple at Torongos

I don't know what it is about Cusco, but you can feel the energy, of Course these places, your not supposed to stay long. It is the Ibiza of Peru, it can be heaven or hell, lots of tours, the next time i will skip the party hostel and go to a normal one.

Back to Torongo, i was telling them about my finger last night, his kid put on gloves (i hope they were Ansell, i am a shareholder) to take a look, too funny!!

His kid wanted to know about my family, Turongo told him
´He doesn't have a family here, we are his family´
Turongo seems like a much nice guy now too, since he has has an extra two kids since the last time i met him, his guru is Prem Rawat

Take a look for yourself

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