Saturday, 11 April 2015

Isla del Sol, nice to be back except all the freakin rain!!

So I was in La Paz, last Monday still not in the best shape from Saturdays party in Loki hostel,

The party

I had a few things to do, and i was doing them, i had a list, which could only mean i meant business!

My list looked like this

I was going to get the noon bus to Runebacka, so i googled it, i found some blog about the experience, about his time two years ago, it sounded like hell, you really do have to fly in and out, like a miner in the outback in Australia. I tried looking again for the blog i read and found a page on knife fighting, cool?

I have already been on a bus in Bolivia that took 25 hours from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz, so i have already had my bus adventure, not doing that again in a hurry

How you do it?

I told one of the owners of Loki hostel from Tramore Waterford, if i wanted to see lions and tigers and monkeys i will go to Fota in Cork, i was there with two wildlife experts of the age 4 and 5, last year.

They said the best thing about Fota was the Giraffe slide, there was so much activity on the slide, it was like looking at a pack of wild animals, just like a zoo!!
They probably don't a giraffe slide in Runebacka, so it doesn't sound much like fun, why go?

Come to Fota bitches...

Since i did not have an airline ticket to Runebacka and had no intention of getting one, i did the only sensible thing i could do and made like a tree and leave, and it was to Cochabamba i went.

I met a Shaman called Tulassi on the Island del Sol the last time, we met some other interesting people also, i went top where he lived after some people working in the fields told me he was there, alas he was not there. People here will tell you anything, you have to ask very open questions (dont mention swinger clubs!!)

Where the Sun was born, according to Inca legend

So after spending 4 nights on the island of sun, i can tell you how it went, it went like this.

It rained, it rained so much, pissed rained, when didn´t it rain? To be fair, i didn't really care about the weather, i was there to read novels, all the people i met because of the rain seemed to care.

Here comes the sun

One guy John from Montreal wanted to walk over to the south on day two, we were going, it was arranged the night before, but for the rain I couldn´t do more than flip pages in the novel i was reading, it was like that, i was content, he went off on a trek over the island, in the rain

Lost, in Together...ness?

So the rain brought people together, only because there was hardly any shelter, if there was a bit of shelter, it was the Tokyo subway, since we were in a restaurant and the people didn't want to cook anything or even have people there, it was quite hard to believe, a full restaurant and the people didn't want to cook anything, they told everyone to go away.
My German friend Johan wanted to charge his device, i asked the people if he could do it, he would pay them, No, No, no came the answer. He wanted eggs, No, No, No came the answer

Everyone was looking at each other saying...
 ¨Can you believe this place?¨ 
And of course we all become best friends, a beautiful love story.

I had enough of the North by day 2, i had to make a break for the south side, i made it as far as the next village, which had a hostel, a friendly owner, his daughter, a donkey called ´Pepe´ and a plastic Zebra called ´Pepe´, things were picking up

Meet Pepe

The saviours of the island were very upbeat 4 year olds, the new generation, there was another girl on the North side whose parents ran the restaurant, i´ll bet people went to the restaurant because of her, it was too funny!

They need to bring back the Incas to fix the footpaths!!

The Incas left about 500 years ago, you´d think the locals would be smart enough to maintain the paths, instead of walking through muck every day, after all the Incas were masters in making them? But no charge the tourists to maintain them, its probably spent on beer, the pigs love it as you can see!

What i will say about being on an island, sometimes without electricity is you get great sleeps, it´s pretty peaceful, i slept early, about 9pm, so there is something to be said for abstaining from nightlife, but i don't know what, i love the music?

Donkeys island

Day 3 I made for the south side and made it to a restaurant, and then it rained, my timing was impeccable i thought as i looked out the window with a coffee, reminds me of when i did a pub crawl on the Aran Islands, between down pours, i would have enough time to get to the next pub, good fun and it kept me dry, so of course it was the right thing to do!

I thought of a guest post i did a while back, it was this one

I met a guy on the boat on the way back that does wallpaper art for Starbucks, its pretty amazing stuff, check it out, not the coffee!!!

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