Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What goes around?...Me, i go around!!

So i´m back in Peru, i´ve been here before, i´m back, like a bad penny.

One of my favourite photos from April 2009

Rory Gallagher sang about it...

So, i was looking at my blog and i found a story i did with some people i met here before, of course we are all good friends still, we poke each other regulery on Facebook, its better than having Aliens poke you, or your Doctor poke you, i´m not even 40 yet, that party starts from 40, maybe it will be a game changer?

How does a little Bolivian guy get his boat into the lake?

So, i am back, in every way, a little bit more sensible and blogging again, i have gotten back into blogging, since reading books, as a Portuguese dude Antonio told me in Rio
´I like it the old fashioned way´
And the thing is he wasn´t talking about books either, it was from about this time and also here

I remember crying laughing out the balcony as Jen was getting beers as Antonio, i think his name was was telling me some of his lady conquests, but that's another story...

Isla del Sol

So now i am doing the rounds again, and its funny, i am going to places i have been before, of course, getting a bit more sleep, and the thing is, i am facebook friends still with the people from before, this means i can send them links with...

Do you remember this?

I remember - Kaskade 

And the cool thing about blogging is the stories are stories for a rainy day, now its pissing rain outside, i can look back on the stuff i wrote and get a laugh.

If you don't put your memories into stories, you will forget them, oh the stories i have forgotten, a lot of the places i went to before, i cant remember, even looking at the blog posts, photos and videos, my brain is like a scene out of Star Trek

SCOTT: Coming, sir. If I push these impulse engines too hard in the condition they're in, they'll blow apart.  
--The Doomsday Machine
KIRK: Full power to the shields, Mister Scott. 
SCOTT: Giving them all we got. --The Changeling
So there you have it, i´m glad i blog, you get the full story, warts and all.

And if its any consolation, i wont be running for Prime minister, the tabloids wouldn't need to dig up any dirt, its mostly all here

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