Monday, 6 April 2015

Yunga Cruz trek

 Coming down the mountain

So, in a mad effort to keep the positive energy going, i signed up for the 5 day Yunga Cruz trek, which was actually 3 days of walking.

Starting point

Day one, getting there, four hours in a taxi
Day 2, nine hours of walking, we got to a camp site that was pretty bad after over seven hours of walking, so we decided to go to the next place where we could possibly have a fire
Day 3, we walked 6 hours into jungle
Day 4, we walked another 5 odd hours down and around mountains to Chulumani Village

We could have camped next to some monastery, but a bed to sleep in, no mosquitos and the prospect of beer drew me (us) to go to the village

Where we started the Trek, at 4500 meters

Day 5, we came back to La Paz, amidst landslides, no problem, the diggers and earth movers were out to clear the way, it was pretty much the same road coming back from the Tekesi trek, awesome views, they might want to get serious about the road.

Camp day 1

On Day 3, we met some guys from Bolivia, their Day 1 was my second day, so you can do it a lot faster than we did it, but sometimes its nice to stop and smell the roses, we did Trek from an altitude of 4.500m to 1.500 meters, i was glad to not do very much the first day, the altitude does take a bit of getting used to.

You do need to be as nimble as a mountain goat for this trek, if we had any problems with sprained legs, we were royally screwed, not that it would have mattered when i paid, if i had one leg, one eye and a Dublin accent, my money would have been as good as any ones.

We walked ovr mountains, jungle, paths that looked like drains, with lots of rocks, very wet, now very hot, sand flies, oh the joys of tropicality.

When we camped on day 3, the Bolivian crew came past our tent, they didn't trust the water source next to our tent, sop they kept going to finish the trek in two days, so they had another 5 ours of walking, some going!!

And some extra videos...

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