Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pisac Inca ruins, oh i did some tourist stuff too...

So, its been a kind of a busy week or so, i just came back from the Salkantay trek, i didn´t read much,
didn´t write much, when the sun went down the first night, the camp light went off and light didn't appear on the horizon until my eyes got a good 7 hours rest, and that's quite a bit of sleep for a fellow like me.

So i was a bit like that, i met some people, some awesome, some not so, funnily the ones i enjoyed were not all that popular, but its not exactly a popularity contest is it?

Oh life!!

So, in consolation, i did a few videos for your and my pleasure, feel free to check them out, more videos are being uploded, but its a slow process in Peru

Sunday in Ollantaytambo in the Sacred valley

If you send out a message, you might get a response?

Inca plumbing

How the Incas got the locals frightened of them

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