Tuesday, 12 May 2015

So here we go again, time to listen to the Pacha Mamma

So here we go again, its time to listen to the medicine plants. I met Justin from Oregon in the US, that studies Chinese medicine. He was saying part of doing Ahyuasca is the dieta in the Jungle for 3 months.

(note to self, the crazy chick in the hostel was telling Josh from Melbourne this dieta can make gay people straight, because being gay is a choice, oh lord!!!!)

The scene of the crime

 If you don't do the dieta, you will only go so far with the ceremonies, makes sense when you think about it.

Check out the seat!!

In the Jungle there are about 300 plants the Shamen use, in combinations, my life style determines my death style.

Calling down the spirits

I wanted to spend a few hours reading today, i got talking to Josh from Melbourne (you might remember him as the guy with no shoes, he hates people looking at him for not wearing shoes, and he feels disconnected wearing shoes). Today (now a week on from writing this, i saw a guy from the US that looks exactly like Josh, and he wasn´t wearing shoes either!!

Personally, i get it, if you see someone not wearing shoes they are probably high/drunk or very enlightened, maybe its the same thing?


I brought Josh to Unikas restaurant in Pisac, the other day, the last time i was here in Pisac Unikas was at the side of the plaza, i spent a week upstairs from 8am till 10pm, watching movies, eating, drinking and living it up, what a time.

The roof of the restaurant, people stay there all freakin day!!

I realised the restaurant had moves when i saw the olives and roasted corn being served, so i had that too, with a bottle of wine, oh the memories!!!

So for the Ahyuasca ceremony, the question will be
What should i concentrate on for the coming year, besides one breadth in and out, which is a miracle, in deed it is.
And this came to mind when i was at the Pisac ruins

It might be an obvious answer, maybe its been under my nose the whole time? Maybe it the answer will be,

´Work on that beer belly boy!!´

True true!!

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