Friday, 5 June 2015

I started the trip with a dinky finger and I finished it too!!

Never let a dinky finger get in the way of a good trek

So, i´m coming to the end of the South American trip, not many could say this, but my left finger, middle one has been in a bandage most of the time, the times it hasn´t it should of.

This is quite obvious from the photos of a bandaged finger, but i guess it could be worse?

Better upstairs than downstairs?

I guess things could have been worse? Just look at the invisible man!

Its a story i wont forget in a hurry, and its all because i as a little bit too impatient. A few seconds of being impatient have cost me 6 months, interested?

So i hurt my nail in Germany, Kolon i´m sure, caught it in a door, it looked bad, but since the nail was cracked, the blood was out, no pain, looked worse than it was, a bit like myself, if you ever take the trouble to look at me above my waist level

A dinky finger, me and a German with a fake ID too at Machu Picchu

So, my friend Marissa comes to visit, i go on Antibiotics, we consult a pharmacist, we get anti-bacterial liquid, i can paint it on, Marissa painted it on, she wasntn´t fast enough, i paint it on over my finger, and that's when the problem started.

Marissa, looked shocked, just like this!!

Apparently the liquid was nail varnish, so that my nail wouldnt get infected, stupid!!

And things haven't looked good since, its a good job i haven't had to use my left middle finger for much, except keep it clear of water, this was a lesson i was to learn over and over again

Now you´d think sea water would be good, so i was in the sea in Brazil, oh the beaches, beaches, no!

One of the many girls I had to turn down, it was getting too dangerous to be out there!!

I was staying near an awesome lake in Uruguay (that was run by a Fu%$in  Bit%h), but I had to go for a swim, the finger looked fine, big mistake i got an ear infection too, luckily i got ear drops in quick and some algae out of my ear, lucky escape there!!

Que finger infection relapse...

The same is true for showers there is so much bacteria in the water, gettin your skin in it is a mistake!!

This sort of scene is enough to give me a relapse!!!

A vounteer female Italian doctor in Puno, 6 weeks ago told me i need to wash the finger in steralised water every day, thats the most important thing, i was wondering why no one told me that?

Obviously that where i went wrong, obviously!!!

Its been the same deal-e-o, on and off, it would appear humidity and booze isn´t a good combination if you have a skin infection, neither is pork and fish, in Lake Titicaca all i ate was trout with beer, it seemed at the time a good risk. The worst thing you can do!!

The latest episode of going to the rain forest is yet another, and it will be the last. The fever was a reminder, final message from the Pacha Mamma, and i was thinking about going to see my Shaman again when the fever was over, i realised i got a free session from the Pacha Mamma

The message was...
´Look after yourself, take the health seriously´
 Seriously? Me, ok, ok.

Let me tell you a story

Even an old woman asked me what happened to my finger, she then did a crude stabbing motion with her middle finger and said ´Chica?´

Good job i´m a guy, if i was a chick i would probably have had ten kids by now!!!

My life as a single mom?

It took me about five years to get to grips about being thirty, now at thirty eight, i will have to start getting serious, about getting serious, I´m getting old-er!!

Maybe i will see a doctor in Lima, to get my prostrate checked, i currently check it 20 times a day, you can never be too sure. Not that it has anything to do with a dinky finger I´m paranoid about, but you got to start somewhere, right?

I got a ´medical device´ to check it with too, so i´m kinda looking forward to it!!

A ´Love rider´, good name  for a ´medical device´, huh?

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Jack Londn said...

Bro, this is one of the most amazing and honest blogposts ever!!!
Keeep on moving!

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