Monday, 1 June 2015

If the monkeys cant come to me, then the monkey must go to Manu

I always wanted one, introducing ´Marcus´ the Spider monkey

So, i was in Cusco, i think came back from the Choquequirao trek, it was excellent, to keep the energy going, like any good DJ, i was all positive energy, i needed an after party, i wanted to keep it going, so i went river rafting, after all my finger was all better, what could possibly go wrong?

So i went, the night before my doctor friend Bea told me to get antibiotics for it, as far as i was concerned, my life of prescription drugs was over, no so my friend, not so, never for me!!

There is no pause button for antibiotics!!!

Burial tombs for mummies, the locals used them as shelters, they even lit fires in them

So after coming back from rafting, thinking of Pizza, i decided somehow to do one more tour, i wanted to go mountain biking or bungee jumping, I talked to some guy, then another guy, i offered 800 soles for a 900 soles trip and got it for 820 soles, what was the trip? Manu national park

So after paying the money, the deal was pretty much sealed, i was off.

Now, it wasn't until two days later, i saw some tourists (to be known as ´Gringos´) floating down a fast flowing river, i realised i had river fever. This is why i felt the i was going crazy, the ultra conservative people on my trek were giving me strange looks!!

Trick or treat...

How did i know this? Well from pretty much the instant of getting into the van that morning, i wanted to get out, in fact i felt like i was going crazy, i told the people on the tour this too, i think they just thought it was an Irish thing?

We were going to see wild animals in the rain forest, and the biggest one was in the bus!!

As we left one of the conservative chicks on the bus told the guide
The monkey bit me
I shouted out the window of the bus

That wasn´t the monkey, it was me!

It was a bit like that, I wanted music, the guide didn't, it went on and on, a bit of an Mexican standoff!!

I love a good Mexican, can someone pass the Tabasco please?

My fellow tour group members were ultra conservative white people from Germany, Munich , have you heard of the place? I hear they like to have a few beers?

One of the first stops we made was to a wild life sanctuary, the animals were all my friends, i was in good company.

The bus driver was a really cool guy!!!

This nice volunteer from Germany, nice girl asked me...

´How did you get stuck with Germans on a tour?´  

Even she was surprised, I told her i wanted to go Bungee jumping, in fact i think i was a serial killer in my past life, oh the karma!!

Anyways i realised what was happening, my finger was reinfected, whatever chemicals in the river was driving me crazy, luckily i had antibiotics and took them before i went completely bonkers.

Ten percent of Perus GDP is cocaine and they dump all the chemicals in the rivers, and search all the tourist buses to make it look like they are doing something about it, when everyone all the way up to the President is getting bags of cash to look the other way, even the Wolly monkeys!!

Wolley monkey

My tour guide had wet band aids, two in fact, a well prepared company for bringing tourists into potentially dangerous places, luckily i met a guy from Denmark that gave me a roll of bandages and disinfectant wipes and saved the day for me

Denmark, i forgive you for the 600 years of raping and pillaging you did to us in Ireland

So after Benjamin from Austria telling me about natural antibiotics, Ginger, Lemon, Garlic, Chili, I got on them.

A cool dude

On one of the last nights, sweating my ass off, i though everyone else would be sweating, since it was tropical, no just me with a river fever, oh well, i snapped out of it.

I was chewing coca leaves like a Bolivian miner, what i didn{t know was the following...

Medicinally, coca leaves are used to boost energy, take away headaches, fatigue, thirst and is commonly used to prevent the symptoms of altitude sickness. It is common for travelers to be greeted at their hotels with a hot-cup of coca tea. 
In addition, many women chew leaves during child birth to speed the birth process along, induce strength and reduce pain.

The fever was over, a powerful message from the Pacha Mamma, to take more attention to my health, but its pretty hard to believe how something like an infection of a finger could go on and on and on for such along time, since December in fact, nearly fixed, then worse, over and over

I like to talk to...

But there you go, I used to have a theory of :
´If you go trekking, go with Germans, because they bring everything your supposed to bring´
Or maybe,
If you go to a wildlife park with people that want to take photos of wild animals from a distance, don't act like a monkey up close?
I don't know, i´m back on the meds, natural and pharmaceutical, with a hint of no booze!!

Cant do better than that now can I?

Ants are forever bringing bits of leaves back to feed a fungus, and they live on the fungus, not the leaves

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