Saturday, 23 April 2016

Riga house of horrors, the KGB house

People come to Latvia for all kinds of reasons, we all have things we like and dislike, you learn them by doing them.

A few days i was chatting with someone, they said, you should check out the KGB house, but go with a guide.

I had a quick look, it was on the way to a brewery i wanted to visit, called Labietis, so off I went.


What becomes apparent from being to my second KGB prison, is how little we know about the KGB in the west, probably because Hollywood was never interested in movies about the Russians behind the Iron curtain, what happened here seemed to stay here.

The door of no return, only five people that went through here were seen alive again

A tour, i got on one, and we went in and down, to see a place worse than hell.

In one cell for ten people, they had 36 people, heating on all the time, the Russians loved to torture people, every way you can imagine and they did.

I asked how anybody could to such things, the guide told me the KGB had drugs like the Americans had in Vietnam, so Opium, heroin and of course Vodka

KGB psychos

The back court yard

Many many people were murdered in this room

Opposite this door was a screening of a movie of when the Russians withdrew from Poland, two guys would bring in a Polish soldier, one guy would shoot him in the head, two guys would shove him up a delivery shoot, two guys would load bodies to be buried in the woods and that actually happened.

Its a wonder people are able to be normal?

Black plastic in the murder room

Last day of the KGB before they pulled out in 1990

They listed and record record your conversation, this device was in every apartment in Riga, in the ceilings and walls.

KGB Listening device

You got twenty minutes here per week, on Sundays the prisoners could hear bells, it was link the angles singing, even people that didn't believe in god would pray, only he could help you in there.

The guy at the end here is a random guy they hung, just to make up the numbers.

Schindler elevator

Just like in Roman times, once you were accused of something by an unknown person, you were finished!

If your name ended up here is was either tortured to death or hard labour in Siberia

The KGB building was built in 1912, it was said to be the tallest building in Riga, you could see all the way to Siberia, because that's where you would end up, if you were lucky. lots of old people are still afraid to come near here this building.

The guides teacher told him when he was in college to not go on this street in case he ever got pulled in the door for what ever reason, crazy history!

The outside

I didn't expect to see and hear what i saw, not at all, and i got to where i was going and there is another KGB prison i have heard about in Estonia, so that will be in a few weeks.

A happy ending, but only for me only

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