Sunday, 22 May 2016

Destroying is also a form of creation...

The first thing i learned in Physics, its just all the other stuff that didnt make sense

Arghh...what was i going to say again? I had a great story lined up, it was all lined up in my head, it was going to write itself. After a trip to the bathroom, my inspiration has upped and departed, maybe to the sea?

Fuck, its amazing how things come in to your life and leave?

But i remember...

I remember a few years ago walking under a bridge in Melbourne, there was a tag/graffiti that read
Destroying is also a form of creation
Its been in the back of my mind as something interesting, that i had no idea what it means, until last week, now it totally makes sense!

Donnie said...

Its a topic in the movie Donnie Darko

From the moment i got to Warsaw, i had a good feeling, i liked the place, especially the public transport system, its fantastic, trolley buses, trains the works. The place has the capacity to grow, it didn't happen by accident and i was thinking of Cologne in Germany and the reason hit me.

World war two Cologne

The reason i like Warsaw, Poland and Colone, Germany is because they were completely destroyed in the war, i leaned about the destruction of Warsaw in the resistance museum.


The German devised a plan and carefully destroyed the whole city, they even wrote instructions on walls to destroy the parts they did not get to, sounds German or what?

So people got back to their homes, and just started all over again, like ants an the results are fantastic.

Warsaw, world war two, looks a lot like Syria

I was thinking this could be a solution for all the traffic chaos all over the world, just drop lots of bombs everywhere and in about fifty years, you'll have everything sorted, are you listening city planners in Dublin?

I don't know if you watch the news, but a lot of countries that the Americans have been active might have great transport systems in the future, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria the list goes on

Poland on the move, i like your style!

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