Thursday, 5 May 2016

Frome Russia with love, the whores hustle and the hustlers whore, on Tinder

Hey Sailor, you looking for a good time?

So i have been here for 48 hours now in St Petersburg, you have to do the most with your time and i have been dong as much as i can, walking and walking, and its not over yet.

Reminds me of an Eddie Murphy movie, its funny this clip, later he got caught with a Transvestite after being very anti gay in his stand up performances, but that's another story

Back in those days

PJ Harvey knew the struggle

I don't know, call me a hopeless romantic, i don't know? You start swiping on Tinder, chatting, the other party seems very keen and there is mention of $$$, of course you need to have options, you look at your options, they also want to do incredible things to you and your Parish priest, as long as the collection box amounts to 50 Euro of the massage and sex for a couple of hours.

Fair enough, i guess?

I went to meet another chick from Tinder in a bar, she was a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan for gods sake? We had a drink, i had a glass of tap water, it cost me 200 rubles, about 2.50 euro, its not much, but its like a business for some people.

You cant knock the hustle, that's just the way it is, i remember being in Hungary, if a good looking girl talked to you in a bar, when you went to leave, you owed some mafia dude $500 and you had to pay!

This one thought I was mean to not want to give her 50 Euro, maybe i will live to regret it?

It reminds me of my first holiday in Egypt, i met some old guy, he was talking to me for hours, we had tea, he went off to buy a bus ticket for me, as they would charge me a higher price, I was hanging out with him for hours, he was very convincing, his daughter was doing Pascal and C++ programming in college, whats not to believe?

7000 Rubles (80 Euros) for Oral and Classic sex?

Anyways, i never saw him again, and when i thought about it later. He put on a star performance for about three hours for me, he could have received an academy award, all for about three pounds fifty. It was great value, i still remember it, i knew about the scam too and i still fell for it, it was a cheap price to pay for the lesson, probably saved myself a fortune later too, you do learn the lesson, the easy way or the hard way?

Looking for a massage and sex for a few hours?

I was telling my friend Igor about a guy i know that had a baby with a prostitute, he was saying
Why not? Prostitutes sometimes are the only honest girls you can find!!
Because you cant knock the hustle, you really cant, life here must be pretty hard for some and Tinder is the new Pimp on the block.

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