Thursday, 26 May 2016

I got the train and back to Oświęcim, you know it as ...Auschwitz

 Location is everything, Oświęcim was the centre of Jewish Europe

Auschwitz is the German version of Oświęcim, Oświęcim was a Jewish town, it was the centre of Jewish Europe.

This is why it was chosen, it has great train connections and this was important to the Nazis, they used IBM solutions to keep track of the numbers, hey business is business, right?

I got the train there after deciding that an organized tour wouldn't be the best thing for me, somehow being herded from point A to point B and back is not my cup of tea, maybe one day?

Adolf Eichmann was one of the pivotal forces behind the deportations, they even had plans to deport 5000 Jews from Ireland, also other neutral countries?

 First impressions are everything

In the town

Just in the gate

Bike ride later

Happy family's at Auswitz

Sunset in Oświęcim

Coming back on the train

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