Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tarot cards and me...

I had my Tarot cards read last year with my mother, hers has come true, mine too? Funnily enough?

The funny thing is, i wasn't planning it, it happened, or maybe it was all in the cards? 

Who knows. Anyways after a successful contract in Galway for 4 months, I have been on a journey around the Baltics (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia), Helsinki and Poland, going ever so slowly to Italy and now that i think of it, its all been true.

I will have to go back to see what the coming year holds.

These are the notes i made from the Tarot card reader... 
Money coming, journey wealth 
Work paid 
Be sure my ideas don't get stolenLots of support, think carefully about those supporting you, be unavailable 
Improvements in life, emotionally and mentally, life balance 
Travel overland, new beginning 
Take time out for myself
Change direction if that's what I want to do
Money improvements, look at the people that can help you
Go for what I want to do, save cash for it 
When I change direction,  money will come and I will go far 
Test the water, before I go for it

Anyways, its all good, hurrah for the Tarot...

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