Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Peace out Facebook, I will feed my brain positive stuff from now on

The budda walks into an office

I was reading a Buddhist book called The budda walks into an office last week, and the idea grew on me that what i was processing in my mind wasn't doing me any good,

Bullshit in = bullshit out 

If you plant apples, you get apples, if you plant pears, you get pears
I'm on holiday and somehow people killing themselves because they can, i can see it all coming at me through social media, the American presidental rubbish comes in and i just cant help commmenting on it, so, i have unplugged, i want to enjoy my time and not be influenced by this nonsense

Breath -- five minutes can change your life

I was introduced to the Zeigrnik effect
Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik found in 1927 that waiters remembered orders only as long as the order was in the process of being served.
When we are holding things in short-term memory, we have to rehearse them otherwise they disappear, like a light going out. This requires cognitive effort, and the more things we are rehearsing the more effort. The waiter's trick is thus to keep spinning the plates of the open orders whilst letting those which are completed fall.
A similar effect also happens over a longer period as we worry about those things in which we have not achieve closure. Thus I might keep thinking about a problem at work over a whole weekend as it keeps coming back to haunt me.
I was on a hike two weeks, i decided on that hike I need to start feeding my brain with proper food, the junk food i am giving it isn't doing me any good.

To confuse people, give them lots of things to remember by starting to talk about something and then, before completing it, start some other story. 
After four or five of these initiations, they will be so busy trying to remember the starts of the stories they will put less attention into countering the arguments and ideas you are putting forward.
When teaching a multi-day course, give them a problem at the end of the day. By the next day they will have thought hard about it.
To remember things for examinations, do something that is incomplete, such that the ongoing thinking helps keep important facts in mind

So this feeding means Podcasts, no more anti social media, it just so happens i have subscribed to podcasts and online courses already, plus online courses, all i needed to do was delete facebook app and some other stuff.

I read a quote by George Bernard Shaw in an introduction to Charles Dickens book 'Great Expectations'
The future is determined by the present, which is determined by the past

And the funny thing is, I know this, but you need to keep reminding yourself, and the buddhist book said to keep coming back to the present moment, to relax and be present

I know all this, I have learned all this before and now I am doing it, again and again and...

Monday, 20 June 2016

Wrocław, 2016 European capital of culture...stupid!

So, I got here to Wrocław, its a big deal to be here and not because i'm here, but because Wrocław is the European capital of culture,

San Sebastian in Basque country (not Spain, but Spain, even though their language is nothing like any other European language and that should be a clue as to maybe they might be separate from the Spain), but thats another story.

Anyways, the week before I arrived they had the biggest performance ever, it was the best thing people ever saw and the good news you too can see it.

Here it is, 'Wrocław Flow' it starts at the 50 minute mark

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Krakow to Warclaw...

Photos are from the Contempory art museum, Krakow

Painting by Dutch artist

Wroclaw walking tour

The right tool for the job...


"Private, do not enter", Andy the genius!!!




 You need to look your best at all times

Warhol factory

Jazz anyone?

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Krakow tattoo festival, Day 2

Tattoos by kids

I was thinking...

If you mom is not around, you can get a tattoo anywhere

Too true

 The next tattoo on my side will be done by...

Where is he..?

You have to start early...


Just like gay porn, or maybe not?

For the freaks...

Coming to the end...

The End

Friday, 17 June 2016

Krakow tattoo festival, Day 1

As I arrived from Zakopane, after my two weeks for hiking, I saw a poster for the Krakow tattoo festival, and of colurse, I can resist everything except temptation.

This was day one...

Everybody was getting into it, start of summer, not a good time i think

Introducing the Power Girls

The Power girls in real life

Old school tattoos take a long time

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Freestyle mountain hiking in Zakopane

Ok, i just got back from a great two weeks hiking in Zakopane, that's what everybody does there this time of the year, but i didn't know any of this when I went there.

I think i went there because someone said it was nice, maybe two people said nice things, nice isn't so bad, and as you know its nice to be nice.

This all became apparent as i rolled into the town that this was an exceptional place, its the Zakopane is the Winter city of Poland, lots of famous writers, musicians, Lenin and, Franz Kafka, Joseph Conrad, madame Curie and pope John Paul II to name a few loved the place.

38 million Polish people love this place and like to go there on their holidays, its a big deal in Poland, I realized its one of the best kept secrets in Europe, maybe even a poor mans Switzerland?

The first hostel I was at, everyone in my room as mad hiking, me? All i wanted to do was chill out and read my Charles Dickens book and drink coffee, nothing strenuous for me, thank you, i got quite a few looks and stares i can tell you.

So i walk around, drank coffee, talked to a few people, the next day when everyone left, i ventured out to one of the trails and immediately loved it, so much so, high on endorphins the next day, i bought waterproof hiking shoes, the day after that was bucketing rain.

I did a crazy 10.5 hour hard walking trek, i met some people along the way, some guys told me some of the routes i was going on, so being social helped, i did have a notion of going to Nepal to trek, but now I'm happy with the walks here, Nepal is no longer on the horizon, for now.

The new shoes pretty much saved me hiking, i was glad of the dopamine in my brain, dopamine apparently is why we do things, its the pleasure drug in out head, i didn't want to buy hiking shoes before Zakopane, in Zakopane I did. Go figure?

So with new shoes, I then proceeded to hike every day, each day learning a bit more, until i figured out a lot, like how i started driving in Melbourne, i just did it, and somehow i got through it, i wouldn't recommend it though. Youth has its advantages when you don't think of the dangers and I've still got it!

I remember a Korean girl i once met in Chile, she said to me...
"Kieran, I know your travel style, your freestyle"   

And its true, i like freestyle stuff, from graffiti, rap music to blogging, the difference.

One of the things i like with graffiti is the artist has about ten minutes max to do what they are doing before the little old lady with the cat manages to alert the police, and I've never seen any fat graffiti artists, so there must be a fitness requirement to being successful?

You just do it, like the Nike ad, something i read today in a Buddhist book...
Every moment has its energy, we either ride it or it rides us
and then there is the thrill of a chase by the Police

You learn a lot by doing, I've leaned that through work in Software testing, learning Spanish, when you think of all the problems, you are not going to make any decision.

Freestyle Eminem and Proof

That's it, just go at it and do it

Morskie Oko lake

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Chinese invasion in Thailand

I was talking to a Thai girl the other day, she told me she was studying in Thailand, in Chang Mai. My mind went blank for a moment and ten i realized what i wanted to say, and i said...

Is it true that you're being invaded by Chinese?
the answer is Yes...

It appears there was a movie about two Chinese on some mad capped adventure in Thailand, part of the movie involved the characters sneaking into lectures and hanging out in the university campus.

It was a high grossing movie and now all the cashed up Chinese want to see and do the stuff in the movie

The girl told me how Chinese would go into her classes and take photos of them and the students, her Professor would flip out and call security, which sounds like a good movie in itself, if you ask me.

The Thai girl told me how Thai people are horrified by Chinese people, since something like this has never happened before and its not exactly like dealing with drunk Europeans falling off of scooters, they don't know what to do. Sounds like a good movie, I know

Which made me think of another Chinese series that they recorded a few episodes in South Australia, because of this they estimated 500k Chinese tourists going to South Australia and New South Wales

I remember how some Indian movies have scenes set in Paris and all over the world. Yes folks, TV is a powerful medium and when you have a billion or more being influenced, 500 thousand people flocking to you doorstep might not seem that much, except these people have money and they are spending their money.

Sounds like a tourist business opportunity, right?

And then an Irish-American comedian Dey Bishop was on a Chinese dating show, the viewing audience is estimated to be 220 million, i wonder what could mean for the single guys around Ireland?

Take a look...

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Wednesdays adventure...

Best view in town

Just like...


If you are going to go for it, go BIG!!

Beverly hills of Zakapana

No Roses to smell, but lots of grass!!

The way home...

Sounds like a Garth Brooks album

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I realised something important on a treck...

I realised something important


If your not in it for da money...

What goes on behind closed doors

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Monday Trek, Five lakes to Morskie Oko


A crossroads

The one that got away, I got it

Taking my time...

Up da hill, the hard road

Its about the scenery

The trail from last Fridays trek

The five lakes view

Monday, 6 June 2016

I think the Spanish guys might be eating too much sugar?

A little bit of advice...

I had a few guests a few days ago in a room next to my dorm, they seemed nice guys, from Barcelona.

Very normal guys, except when one would be in the toilet, the y all would be in there, one guy would be having a shower, the other brushing his teeth and having a great time.

Everyone, at the same time?

I have to admit, i was telling some local guys this, they thought it was hilarious and to be honest, i have never seen a situation where many guys would be in the toilet like this, i told some people
I hope they are having sex in there, because that's just weird and if they were having sex at least that would make sense?
How's your diet? 

Maybe the guys from Barcelona are eating to much sugar? Or maybe they are very comfortable with themselves? Or maybe they were after having sex changes and forgot that guys don't all crowd into a bathroom at the same time?

Who knows, maybe they are a new generation?
And the choice of a new generation?

Definitely, too much sugar in the diet, which must make you crave other men?

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Crazy long 10.5 hours trek...

So i went on a walk in the Tatra mountains, turned out to be quite the walk, i learned a lot
I took a few videos...


Back to civilization

Going back to the hostel

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Morskie Oko, Trek Thursday

New place

I got 99 problems...

Getting fit?


At the cross roads

No Gorillaz?

What goes up, must go...

A lot of trees

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Morskie Oko, treking heaven



The View...

I know what i am doing?

Da roots...

Time for a...?

No tolls or Trolls


Lets go to the lake

A hiking lesson...

A good days work

Coming back I see...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Zakapane, first two Treks

First impressions coming into Zakapane

Whats funny is the people in my dorm were all going hiking, me, I just wanted to drink coffee, chill out, they were like man you have to come with us, me? No way, i want to read and hang out, now i think was a mountain goat in a previous life.

Strange huh?

Map of the park

"Know thy rapist", its in the bible!!

He'll be coming down the mountain...

Mountains= Exercise

Going up

The next day, i got the first bus going anywhere, and it was back to the Tata national park.

Hikers breakfast, everything you need!!

Day two, hike two

Good directions

The lodge, restaurant and beer place in the middle of the park

How experinced am I?

Getting high

Krakow walking tour, the videos...

The bells, the bells..


Something Indian

Something Australian

I snuck into church to see this, pretended i was praying to my god and of course money is the root of all evil, so i was doing the church a favour by not giving them any and its not like i'm Jewish, its about time i got something back from the nonsense religion i was inflicted with as a kid

Something Religious?

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