Monday, 6 June 2016

I think the Spanish guys might be eating too much sugar?

A little bit of advice...

I had a few guests a few days ago in a room next to my dorm, they seemed nice guys, from Barcelona.

Very normal guys, except when one would be in the toilet, the y all would be in there, one guy would be having a shower, the other brushing his teeth and having a great time.

Everyone, at the same time?

I have to admit, i was telling some local guys this, they thought it was hilarious and to be honest, i have never seen a situation where many guys would be in the toilet like this, i told some people
I hope they are having sex in there, because that's just weird and if they were having sex at least that would make sense?
How's your diet? 

Maybe the guys from Barcelona are eating to much sugar? Or maybe they are very comfortable with themselves? Or maybe they were after having sex changes and forgot that guys don't all crowd into a bathroom at the same time?

Who knows, maybe they are a new generation?
And the choice of a new generation?

Definitely, too much sugar in the diet, which must make you crave other men?

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