Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Peace out Facebook, I will feed my brain positive stuff from now on

The budda walks into an office

I was reading a Buddhist book called The budda walks into an office last week, and the idea grew on me that what i was processing in my mind wasn't doing me any good,

Bullshit in = bullshit out 

If you plant apples, you get apples, if you plant pears, you get pears
I'm on holiday and somehow people killing themselves because they can, i can see it all coming at me through social media, the American presidental rubbish comes in and i just cant help commmenting on it, so, i have unplugged, i want to enjoy my time and not be influenced by this nonsense

Breath -- five minutes can change your life

I was introduced to the Zeigrnik effect
Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik found in 1927 that waiters remembered orders only as long as the order was in the process of being served.
When we are holding things in short-term memory, we have to rehearse them otherwise they disappear, like a light going out. This requires cognitive effort, and the more things we are rehearsing the more effort. The waiter's trick is thus to keep spinning the plates of the open orders whilst letting those which are completed fall.
A similar effect also happens over a longer period as we worry about those things in which we have not achieve closure. Thus I might keep thinking about a problem at work over a whole weekend as it keeps coming back to haunt me.
I was on a hike two weeks, i decided on that hike I need to start feeding my brain with proper food, the junk food i am giving it isn't doing me any good.

To confuse people, give them lots of things to remember by starting to talk about something and then, before completing it, start some other story. 
After four or five of these initiations, they will be so busy trying to remember the starts of the stories they will put less attention into countering the arguments and ideas you are putting forward.
When teaching a multi-day course, give them a problem at the end of the day. By the next day they will have thought hard about it.
To remember things for examinations, do something that is incomplete, such that the ongoing thinking helps keep important facts in mind

So this feeding means Podcasts, no more anti social media, it just so happens i have subscribed to podcasts and online courses already, plus online courses, all i needed to do was delete facebook app and some other stuff.

I read a quote by George Bernard Shaw in an introduction to Charles Dickens book 'Great Expectations'
The future is determined by the present, which is determined by the past

And the funny thing is, I know this, but you need to keep reminding yourself, and the buddhist book said to keep coming back to the present moment, to relax and be present

I know all this, I have learned all this before and now I am doing it, again and again and...

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