Friday, 10 June 2016

The Chinese invasion in Thailand

I was talking to a Thai girl the other day, she told me she was studying in Thailand, in Chang Mai. My mind went blank for a moment and ten i realized what i wanted to say, and i said...

Is it true that you're being invaded by Chinese?
the answer is Yes...

It appears there was a movie about two Chinese on some mad capped adventure in Thailand, part of the movie involved the characters sneaking into lectures and hanging out in the university campus.

It was a high grossing movie and now all the cashed up Chinese want to see and do the stuff in the movie

The girl told me how Chinese would go into her classes and take photos of them and the students, her Professor would flip out and call security, which sounds like a good movie in itself, if you ask me.

The Thai girl told me how Thai people are horrified by Chinese people, since something like this has never happened before and its not exactly like dealing with drunk Europeans falling off of scooters, they don't know what to do. Sounds like a good movie, I know

Which made me think of another Chinese series that they recorded a few episodes in South Australia, because of this they estimated 500k Chinese tourists going to South Australia and New South Wales

I remember how some Indian movies have scenes set in Paris and all over the world. Yes folks, TV is a powerful medium and when you have a billion or more being influenced, 500 thousand people flocking to you doorstep might not seem that much, except these people have money and they are spending their money.

Sounds like a tourist business opportunity, right?

And then an Irish-American comedian Dey Bishop was on a Chinese dating show, the viewing audience is estimated to be 220 million, i wonder what could mean for the single guys around Ireland?

Take a look...

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