Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Zakapane, first two Treks

First impressions coming into Zakapane

Whats funny is the people in my dorm were all going hiking, me, I just wanted to drink coffee, chill out, they were like man you have to come with us, me? No way, i want to read and hang out, now i think was a mountain goat in a previous life.

Strange huh?

Map of the park

"Know thy rapist", its in the bible!!

He'll be coming down the mountain...

Mountains= Exercise

Going up

The next day, i got the first bus going anywhere, and it was back to the Tata national park.

Hikers breakfast, everything you need!!

Day two, hike two

Good directions

The lodge, restaurant and beer place in the middle of the park

How experinced am I?

Getting high

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