Sunday, 10 July 2016

Black Sabbath. Everyone loved this gig, Brilliant!!!!!

I was looking for Vivaldi tickets and saw Black Sabbath were playing the next night, at the gig I met one old guy that got his ticket last November. When I was in Helsinki, Finland, I remember someone telling me the Helsinki gig was sold out.

It appears Black Sabbath every couple of years decide to hang up the gloves and then they do another tour.
So i saw a lot of Sabbath t-shirts floating around yesterday, I stopped one guy on my 30.5km stroll around the city, and found out it was on at 8pm.

Interesting, I posted two postcards, had to walk a bit to find a post box, saw a tourist information, so I asked the guy working where I could buy tickets, he said where i could buy tickets.

He said, I can sell you a ticket, so it was a done deal!!!! I didn't think i would enjoy Sabbath as much as I did, but I did really like their first three albums, so for 52 euros, i and 18 thousand hardcore fans had one of best nights of their lives. Epic, what a night!!!!!

Going in the gate... feels strange

Its the start, Go Crazy!!!!


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