Monday, 11 July 2016

Vltava, music that was inspired by a lot of water outside a window?

I went on a bit of a stroll the other day and this is what happened

TV tower, AKA Eiffel tower

The Prague Eiffel tower is on a hill, including the hill, it is bigger than the Eiffel tower in Paris, I pointed out there is another little Eiffel tower in Las Vegas, welcome to the eastern European way of thinking

The other TV tower, built in communist times, it blocks the TV signals for the people that live near it and its built in a Jewish cemetery, which proves communism is all about living, right?

Faceless babies like to climb

John Lennon wall

Killing time... on a boat cruise

Music that was inspired by this location

Ice cream and beer anyone?

I looked it up on YouTube. here it is...

The Moldau (Vltava)

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