Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Learned Helplessness... and school

This morning while sitting on a hammock overlooking the Danube, in Budapest, I watched a video submitted by Youtuber Vertassium entitled "Learned Helplessness"

 He touched on this topic and school, which pretty much explains pretty much how it was for me and when I finally got out of Shawshank, I felt free, no rules, I could do what ever I wanted (maybe a bit like being single)

Anyway the Anarchist in me saw the light of day, and I did

In the video he explains, when something is uncomfortable, you are more likely to just put up with it instead of stopping the uncomfortable thing or taling your initative.
Knowing you are in control, makes you preform better.

For me, knowing that no one cared if I went to college, that is why I liked going

Take a look...

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