Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Hat is back on my head, a Romanian Cinderella story you say?

If it aint on, its not on

This morning the cute chick from Leon, that had the hots for me, probably more to do with the fact that she spent ten months in Cork and finally began to understand that brand of English after eight months.

Well anyways, I was music to her ears, maybe she got a sense of achievement, if she got to know me a little better, and maybe I could have proved her wrong?

This lady, don’t even know her name, spent longer in Cork than I have in 17 years. Doing anything more than 28 days can be habit forming, so why take the risk?

Do you need a lesson?

Anyways, I declined the 9:30am train with her, in favor of charging my phone, chilling out and taking my time.
After I missed the train at 12:30pm, I reflected taking the earlier train, might not have been such a bad idea?

Other people need hats too

Somehow platform 3 was displayed as one. I had a drunk homeless dude and a gypsy teenager smoking to keep me on my toes, so it wasn’t all bad, my book was proving a flop too, and I have killed that too.

Ok, things weren't great, not bad.

In the end I had to get a stamp to go on the train tomorrow, I had enough of travelling for one day, I quit travelling today, and tomorrow I will give it another go.

So, I came out of the train station, wondering how something so simple could get so fucked up.

Do you like change?

And then I started thinking about my hat I left on the bus when I arrived. I walked over to the buses, I was looking for a Mercedes bus, I the third was a Mercedes, and there I saw my hat, where I left it on the dashboard, and i was wondering it would be great if the hat was there.

Then the day started to look it does every day

Some dude was looking at me thinking if I was stealing a hat, but it fit like Cinderella’s shoe and if the shoe fits...

Come to Cork?

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