Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Should I stay or should I go? Stay of course!!!!

One of the many places I found today on my random bike ride

Today, I really wanted to go swimming, i had an idea of getting a bike as a back up plan, to get some damn exercise, I have been slacking off a bit recently and enjoying a few beers recently, and dammit!! I put a lot of work building up some good habbits recently.

You dont want a house of cards to start falling down around you, not after doing everything really well for five weeks!! And I did and its been great, my first beer in Czech republic was my last and then i got my ass in gear and got serious about getting fit, fifty meter pools help too and thats what I do when i come to town, in this order I...

  1. Find a 50 meter pool
  2. Find a hostel under ten euro
  3. Check in and go swimming
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the next place 

I said this to a German guy having wine for breakfast in Budapest

I remember someone telling me how when you get sick of a town, feel the need to moved on, just move to another side of town and do it all again, this is what I have done today, I have gone from a serious joint run by a couple in their 60's to a place that's got some good tunes going, it helps, believe me

The bike ride was really cool, funnily enough, they didn't want me to pay with my flexible friend, just plain cash, after all cash in Romania solves every problem, in Russia too.

I would have thought that Romania was poor, everywhere I look, i can see cultured people, and they have trams and metro, its a town I think I could live,

I've met so many cool people too, of course if you don't meet many people, you tend to rely in stereo types, I was talking to a Russian that was telling me how tired he is about the Russian drinking brand they have, hes seen the same in other countries, true enough. 

When people don't know much about countries, they will tend to believe the worst, maybe there is a lesson there?

Unicorn alert 

You decide

What ever get you through the night

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