Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A terrible entrance to a hostel, my Odessa....file?

Gee Whiz…
I was on a big stroll today, going nowhere, but seeing the gritty and nice parts of Odessa. Going this way and that, no real direction. And then it starts to rain, i walk past an internet cafe. I go in then it buckets down in Odessa !!!!

I haven’t blogged in a while, this was a definate sign from god, he needed to be appeased. With heads or blog posts.

The gods needed appeasing, loke out of Apocalypto

Google wont let me log in for security reasons and I finally figure out how they want me to log in, with my phone, but then I have no Wi-Fi on my phone, no joy!!!

You thinking what I'm thinking? Someone should tell Google and Yahoo I'm not a spy!!!!

So I cant email anything, yahoo won’t let me log in either, I prove I am a robot a few times, so then my mind is racing, it’s bucketing raining outside, I want to not get wet and be somewhat productive and then I remember I have a USB key. And it begins, my life of syping...

My dream job, having a great conversation with my shoe

I create a word doc on my USB, a tried and tested method, back to basics, I can write the text, I will have to edit it later, no problems there, the content can be created, I can stay dry and I was expecting good weather too, I bought and applied sunscreen dammit! Yesterday was a scorcher, it was 31 degrees or more!

Odessa theatre

I got to Odessa anyhew, checked into the hostel. I got to the door next door to the hostel, I pressed what I thought was the code from the notes, the door to a courtyard opened, I was in business, until the people there having a fag (nothing gay) told me it as next door.

Everyone smokes, probably because...

And here the story starts.
I’m by the door, wondering where the buzzer was. And old guy comes up and opens the door for me, its like an entrance to an abandoned apartment block, felt dodgy and smelled of piss, it as probably looked nice a hundred years ago and it felt like homeless squatter drug addicts would rush me, and rob me with their leader, the old man!

 So I leave and ask people outside, someone was telling me, in Russian the door I came out of was the place, but it couldn’t I was thinking? Thats a Fuc$in squat!!!

And then, a twenty something girl appears out the door and tells me that the hostel is on the third floor, so I hold my nose and go for a look and low and behold, there is a hostel, on the third floor?

Hard to believe, there is an Aussie guy that has been retired for 30 years, with another 20 years left in him following the summer from Vietnam to Eastern Europe and another old fellow that’s living there with his cat; you can really get the smell of his cats piss when you brush your teeth. Nice place, nice people, but their idea of being clean is taking your shoes off at the door, and that’s about it.

Screwy ratings, human piss and cats piss, someone award you, not bad?

Its funny, like Eurovision when you read the ratings, here places have 9 out of 10, and then you go there and just wonder it they are giving themselves the reviews or what?
Buyer beware and dont book too long either!

A good thing for me is I wanted a lower bunk, so they moved a girl that lives there to an upper bunk for me, great for me? Maybe they wanted to lift her spirits? Switching to a better ratings place tomorrow, its going to cost one euro more, 25% more than I am paying now, I can hardly wait!!!!

The new place


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samo1kralj said...

wonderfukn experience, did you check if bottom 2 floors are/is
actually whorehouse

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