Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tiraspol, have you been?

Tiraspol, a kinda seperate country, but really a buffer zone from the pesky Ukrainens

I got out of Tiraspol in the end, I arrived from Chisinau. After my 47 and a half hours, it was time to get out of there.
Now it always pays to do a little bit of research before you go anywhere. I did absolutely zero.

I walked to Chisinau bus station, found what I thought was a bus driver going to Tiraspol, he offered to drive me there for 15 euro or I could go with others for 2.50 euro, we went with others.
I didn’t realize it was about 1.5 hours of a drive, great value for 2.50 euro!!

The lowdown on checking in...

We crossed a border, he helped me with immigration, I got 48 hours, great?
We got to the place, the driver dropped us all off, I got off at Lennin St, where my hostel was, then I tried to find it, luckily I always bookmark the next place on Google maps, off I went, I found a waiter that was pretty cool, he told me it as back where i was, he indicated behind the road, off I went.

Now you’d think a road, behind the Lennin St would have a different name? Not so?
So I was looking, an old woman told me it was further up, so I go further and find it, it had a bench outside, so I sat and waited. It was looking good, eventually a guy comes past, I ask him if he spoke English and could he call the number over the door? 

No credit, he indicated to me, no english either, he told me to ask the cop walking by and I laughed at him, the cop walked past, the next cop I asked, he rang, the hostel owner rocked up 15 min later and I checked in, it was that simple, not!! 

Wanna go on a date in Tiraspol?
Always do your research, I was pretty lucky. It was a good experience, all in all. Tiraspol has a zero crime rate, if you commit a crime; they put you away for a long time. So criminals learn to go straight.

 Tiraspol highlight

The 50 m pool as a lifesaver, I got there after more confusion, had to buy sandals, I even had to put my shoes in a bag in the locker. It’s no wonder they think Europeans are very uncultured?

I spent quite a bit of time in the restaurant where the waiter was helping the stupid tourist, they don’t get many, not many countries have waiters as helpful. I got to sit on a couch, drink beer, watch soccer and Russian soap opera stuff, eat great strange stuff. 
I ordered meat on the bone for 2 euro, that was a big pork steak, quality stuff, you never know what your getting, especially when you think you are!!! 

Here for a short time not a long time, my 48 hour visa

I didn’t see many people with long hair or tattoos or any signs of rock n roll, it hadn’t made it that far. I had 48 hours there, the 9.30am bus got me to the border with 19 minutes to spare, and apparently it’s a big deal? 
The KGB don’t have much to do now since all they have to do is Google stuff or look at peoples Google searches, the spying war is over lads, time to get a real job?

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