Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kiev was a Russian style Metro, what they were really thinking was...

Welcome to the deep deep Kiev metro AKA Kiev Nuclear fall out shelter

So, I was riding the Metro with my friend Yoshi the other day, in Ireland apparently they can build a Metro, its too sandy and really in the Germans could do it for us, that would be better, no?

I was saying the land in Kiev must be very sandy as they had to go deep.

Yoshi in a moment of brilliance said, its as deep as it is so that they can use it for a bomb shelter.

One of the subway stations, no signs, no graffiti

So, I look it up, and as it turns out, the Metro was built by the Russians, around the time of the Nuclear madness was kicking off.
Its a typical 3 line Metro that the Russians built, each station is designed differently, and they don't use signs at the stations, you are supposed to know the station by the design, nice for locals, not so good for tourists.

A bit of history

The Kiev Metro is a metro system that is the mainstay of Kiev's public transport. It was the first rapid transit system in Ukraine and the third one built in the Soviet Union (after Moscow and St Petersburg Metros). It now has three lines with a total length of 67.65 kilometres (42.04 mi) and 52 stations.
The system carries 1.439 million passengers daily, accounting for 38% of Kiev's public transport load. In 2013, the metro carried 536.2 million passengers. One of the deepest stations in the world, Arsenalna (at 105.5 m or 346 ft), is found on the system.

Its a long way to the top if you want to...

Now the interesting thing about these shelters and bunkers, I was in one in Germany is that there isn't much air.

I mean, in the German bomb shelters, you needed to come out after 40 minutes or else you would die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning maybe beans were on the menu too, I really don't know?

War bunkers don't really offer you much support, if bombs are falling, you will suffer even if you think you wont.

People kinda need air, and there's usually not much beneath the surface.

Proof Stalin truly was MAD

This command bunker is located in the very centre of Kiev. To hide it from curious eyes it started to be built behind the secret plant “Arsenal”.

They were building mines and plats, the earth was taken away in covered trucks at night. When main works were over, the USSR collapsed and the secret construction object was soon forgotten.

They do not often remember about it today as well. Even those who come there to replace bulbs do not know what object they visit.

Want to build your own nuclear fall out shelter?

Here's 10 things you might want to take into consideration.

1)      Affordability assessment
2)      Risk Assessment
3)      Household Survival Plan
4)      Geological Assessment
5)      Shelter sizing
6)      Choosing a shelter location
7)      Shelter entry system
8)      Shelter Air System
9)      Emergency Escape System
10)   Top things to have in your survival shelter

 A happy ending?

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