Thursday, 1 June 2017

Odessa, the other side

 What life looks like in Odessa

History of Odessa 
Industrial city, 25 mi NE of the mouth of the Dniester River on Odessa Bay, in Odessa oblast, in the Ukraine. The city is said to be on the site of a Miletian Greek colony settled c. 800 b.c. 

Life is a...

Odessa history continued...
The Russians gained it from the Turks in 1792 and established it as a fort, naval base, and commercial port. It became important during the labor movement in the 19th century and spawned the abortive revolution of 1905, which included the mutiny on the battleship Potemkin here. It fell to Germany in 1941 after an epic defense but was liberated in 1944.

I stopped into see Odessa, it was on the somewhere, I wasnt sure where that somewhere is, but I'm going there.

I switched hostel, to the nice part of town, you pay 1 euro more, the standard goes up considerable!

So, I ended up in the beach, me the Chinese |Sheen (as in Charlie Sheen) Arcadia, its where the rich people hang out, a cheap Ibiza and there is a club called Ibiza too. Impessive stuff, especially since I wasnt expecting very much at all?

Arcadia, Odessa

Trouble in paradise

A little bear dog, I want one!!!

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