Friday, 9 June 2017

"You cannot be single", a true story by Yoshi

Mr Yoshi and myself

Last Saturday myself Yoshi,Tatiania and some married dude in Kiev for the night went out, we settled on a Hookah bar.

A hookah bar

Are you with me so far? In between the clouds of smoke Tatiania says to me
"Some people are crazy, I'm glad I'm single"

Eager to know more, I ask what she is on about, as it turns out, she speaks the local lingo, actually she is from Ukraine and she has just overheard the Ukraine guys conversation with is wife/girlfriend.

She rang him, when she found out he was out with some people, she gave him an earful and insisted on him going home, so he made his excuses and departed.

So we go home, I was staying on a different level on the building, I said goodbye to Tatiania and Mr Yoshi.
Next day, I heard that the Ukraine guy and Yoshi stayed up talking, nothing illegal there.
And later, Yoshi told me his version of what happened.
Its funny how people that are abused/persecuted turn around and persecuted others, well....

The Ukraine guy started on Yoshi and told him that he cannot be single, at one point in the story Yoshi told me "Fuc%ing is important too"

He lectured Yoshi, Yoshi told him he was living his life, he wasn't doing anything wrong, exactly like anybody else would say, Yoshi ended up lecturing him, I wasn't there, but I'd say it was good.

So, you cannot be single and happy (guilty), also if you are not single, you cannot but help pass on the abuse to some random Japanese guy.
No one ever tells me that i cannot be single, I'd love to hear that one, and that's something I would have to agree with.

 Its my birthday every day, and whats wrong with that?

One of Yoshi's girlfriends left him, so he went to the only place in the world where he thought they would understand him, and he was laughing when he said Kosovo. Oh the misery!!!

Kosovo, a place where people lived in their basements for years, where they had a horrible war 

Funny and not funny at the same time, if you can believe that?

The mind boggles, you meet people all over the place.

I wonder who I'll meet today?

As Frank Zappa would say

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