About me

Me in Bolivia 2009

Thanks reader for wanting a bit more about me, my name is Kieran

Some things you may (or may not be interested) are:
  • I'm originally from Cork, Ireland
  • I am a software tester on a bit of an extended vacation working on a Organic farm over the winter
  • I live in Australia
  • I am a Pisces (maybe you don't need to know that?) 
  • I have done a bit of travelling, a lot compared to most people, i wouldn't want to tell you the number of countries if i knew, people that do that are lame!
  • My interests now are living healthy, running, bike rides and swimming

Enough bullets, there is a war going on

I first got switched on to blogging and writing back in 2007, i was going to do a bit of travelling and i wanted to remember the people, places and make sense of the world, through writing and by writing, i have been tapping into my own vein of gold

After travelling for a year in South East Asia and India for a year back in 2004, i now remember little of the people and places and experiences, so now one day when i am bald, old and fat (in that order), i will be able to read the my stories and relive those experiences. 

My biggest fear would one day being depressed and thinking i have done nothing with my life and i have, I've done lots and i want to share them with you and other like minded people.

I remember

Since i have started blogging, i have probably made about $1, so i guess you could say I'm semi professional at this?

I'm definitely not trying to sell you anything, one of my initial writing influences was Leonardo Da Vinci (yep, among all the other stuff, he found time to inspire me) and his idea of stream writing, where if you write without thinking, your conscious level comes to your conscious level and maybe see whats going on under the hood?

My 2nd last tattoo
I don't over produce my posts, i usually spend about an hour (that's the limit on the computers in the libraries) and when i post something, i don't like to change it, that just how i felt at the time, i want to remember that time PLUS the spelling mistakes, formatting issues, i get a kick out of the little idiosyncratic things, i do.  

I also like the idea of rappers freestyling and graffiti artists that have 10 minutes to make an impression on a wall before the police show up, so get in the flow and the blog posts come out of me, i don't try and it's enjoyable

The more writing i do, the more i want to do and now i feel i should get serious, put on my grow up pants and write something my writing hero's would want to read.

Could you be my hero?

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